In Voting For 2 Months?

I’ve used 4 upgrades so far, all 4 during this calendar year, and all of those were decided within 24 hours of the upgrade, for what it’s worth. All four had been submitted weeks or months prior. Not saying that you would have the same experience, but that’s mine here in southern Colorado.


Upgrades are useless. After upgrading one POI nothing has changed and it’s still in voting. It has been weeks. Also reviewers in Rome are rejecting everything, it’s so frustrating. The whole system feels like a waste of time, it doesn’t reward anything for all the commitment poured into it


Still in voting with the upgrade. Absurd


Can you provide a screenshot confirming you have applied “Upgrade” and not “Upgrade Next” please? There is a lot of confusion over those two.

(Ignore this request if you have already posted the screenshot somewhere else.)

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@NianticAaron could the team check on this?


Hi could you please share the coords, date when the upgrade was applied and your IGN please?

how do I obtain those exact information?
I’d say the coords are around here: 41.948150705844064, 12.44577630424257
And the day of the upgrade was a month ago or probably more
IGN: FedoBear666

Please if possible tell me exact day or very aprox day when you applied the upgrade.

I am curious where you would find this? Does it say on your contribution page? I don’t recall getting emails when I apply an upgrade myself.

You don’t get any notification about it unless you use plugins that record that data for you. You would.need to remember or give an estimate

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As I said, about 1 month ago. I have no idea about the exact day

I can’t assure is a bug/problem or if is related with a lack of reviewers in your area. I will take note of the case but I can’t assure you a resolution or any type of update related to this. Please, notice me if it gets a resolution

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Just so you know, we ask questions about dates because sometimes glitches happen only on certain dates. When we can identify those dates, it helps Niantic go find all the impacted nominations. We found something like that from a couple of weeks ago that they fixed earlier in the week.


I had a nomination in voting since the 3rd April. A few days ago, I suddenly received an Emily approval - almost as if something triggered it to move from community voting to AI voting!

Maybe the same will happen to others after it’s been in voting for a while.

I don’t know if this helps, but there was a glitch on Feb 14th - but only during the day. 2 nominations u submitted that day got stuck in queue (I upgraded one and it remained in queue) but 2 i submitted that evening were through within days. This week I re-submitted the stuck ones and both were approved within 48 hours. I withdrew the original nominations, but letting you know the date in case others have an issue!

I’m puzzled, because I thought Niantic knew full-well that they had disrupted the process on various dates and times. Wayfarers posted on the old forum to report the anomalies and filed bug reports if they saw an error code or were unable to change the status of a nomination, for instance around Halloween, some points in December, February, etc.

Some of those dates/times, someone official acknowledged they were aware of the issue, other times we were simply told that everything was fine, even though Upgrades were slower that non-Upgrades, stuff changed from in voting back to in queue, etc.

I would have expected Niantic to remember the time periods when they were cloning the active queue, etc, and setting up procedures to fix all the stuff they screwed up all by themselves.

Why do they deny that anything is wrong, wait a couple of months, and then ask people whose nominations are glitched to tell them the date and time?

Proactive would be advising us ahead of time that Upgrades would be disabled for a specified interval.

Interactive would be discovering they were causing glitches, and communicating with those affected.

I’m not sure what to call a system where they wait for the evidence to grow cold and then try to reconstruct an accident they created last month/year in postmortem, using only the reports of those who didn’t give up in disgust when they were gas-lit.

Where is the public list of bad dates and the known symptoms? Perhaps it’s covered by your NDA…

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It got rejected today :+1: at least it has been resolved…