Indoor Nominations: Location Evidence

What are the best ways to provide supporting evidence for the location of an indoor nomination that does not appear on Google Satellite or Open Streen Maps?

The specific nomination I’m thinking about now is a fitness center located inside a larger multitenant office building. The center is completely interior and windowless, so I’m not sure how to link it to something that can be verified in the reviewer window.

As a reviewer, when a location is completely obscured and there is no supporting location evidence, I choose the “I don’t know” option for location, but I imagine that this might make it hard for the nomination to be accepted.

My recommendation would be to try to take the best and possible supporting photo, showing the area to let the reviewer see something identifiable that make them know if it exists there. Also, when I have problems because is impossible to show something identifiable I take a photo using an app called “GPS Map Camera” for the additional photo. It shows the coords in the photo so it will help the reviewer to know if it can exist my nomination there or not.


Create a walk through video and link to it in the supporting documentation?

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I’ve seen GPS coordinates on the supporting indoor photos before, I don’t think they add much value because positioning indoors is tricky at best and they could be inaccurate.

You can use any supporting evidence including the business website to give a better idea of the location. You can make a collage of photos as the supporting image, this sometimes helps. I do like the idea of a walkthrough video for particularly tricky nomination.

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Online sources that describe the location can also be a good way to provide ‘evidence’


You could maybe prepare a photo collage to use as a supporting photo. Perhaps take a few different photos showing the spot from different vantage points, or the internal entrance to the space along with the sign outside indicating its presence in the building. As was said above, links are definitely useful too. If there’s something that shows Fitness Center XYZ is located in Suite 200 of the Acme Building, include it in the supporting info section. If there’s a directory by the elevators that shows it’s there, snap a photo and add it to the collage or link to it.

Another thing I just remembered:

A local mall has both a website map and, when the proper layer is turned on, individual stores in GMaps. I’ve seen similar for a nearby strip mall.

Also, try more mapping services. Maybe one of those will have layout you can reference?