Invalid Portal appeal

Morning Cuppa Mural signal controller box was replaced after latest Google Streetview driveby, so most reviewers have rejected this takedown, and rightfully so.

Here is the controller box as of a couple of days ago:

Welcome @Ghryswald
I ‘m moving this to the general area as a place to get some support.

Have you tried reporting the wayspot in Game yet?
You can appeal on this forum if you get nowhere via that route.

Numerous times.

People use Google Street View as their go-to to check a portal, and this controller box was replaced after the latest drive-by, so it shows as still being there.

My attached image shows the Controller Box equipment number, which matches the one in the portal image.

You could try scanning it a dozen or more times. Nothing says Niantic staff looks at scans - but they have them, and they love them, so maybe.

Or decide it’s no big deal (no one’s going to sue Niantic for getting injured, and congregating there isn’t against the law).
You could set yourself a reminder for 6 months or a year, to see if streetview has been updated.

Or try sending your geotagged photos to the Help Desk. (I have an aversion to all help desks, so this is my last choice.)