Reported unsafe portal…

I reported an unsafe portal. It was rejected and I appealed. Then I got a notice I was trying to hijack a portal. I’m not. This portal is completely flooded and has been for years. They’ve closed access to parking area/portal with a gate and sign warning to keep out/dangerous conditions. There are no street lights out there and completely dark at night. There is also a fishing pier/portal that is no longer accessible because of the flooding. I reported that one also and it was rejected. What’s the next step or is there not one?

Did you appeal the rejection in Wayspot Appeals with additional evidence to show that it’s no longer valid?

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I did. I attached
Picture and f the gate blocking driveway with the “danger” sign on it.

That doesn’t look like a report to me. That looks like you tried to add an image to the wayspot. That’s not how you report a wayspot as invalid or provide additional evidence, and could potentially get you in trouble as the photo isn’t of the object, which you’ve seen as you got a warning email for doing so.

To report a wayspot as invalid in Pokémon Go, you need to get within spinning range of the Pokéstop, then tap on it, tap on the button in the top right, tap on the button in the top right again, and then you’ll see a list of things you can do, with reporting it as invalid being the bottom option on this list. If you can’t get close to it because it’s unsafe, you can report it in Ingress instead so long as you can see it in game. You don’t need to be within hacking range in Ingress.

After you report it, you’ll get an email stating that your report has been received, and then when Niantic have made a decision on your report, they’ll send another email saying whether it’s been accepted or rejected. If they reject it, take a screenshot of your email and then make a post in Wayspot Appeals following the template post in that section of the forum. That’s where you can provide additional evidence such as your photo.


Thank you for responding. I tried reporting a couple different ways. I probably did it wrong. The portal is under water. I could drive back out there and take a pic of the flooded picnic area. You can no longer see the portal. Thank you again

You can also report it using the Wayfarer site in the chat function if you need. I recently had to do that for an unsafe wayspot Because it couldn’t get close enough to it to report through Pokémon GO or ingress precisely because it was unsafe. The way spot was down a ditch off the very narrow shoulder of a very narrow highway where there is no place to pull off and certainly wasn’t safe for anyone to walk on for miles.

I’m going to try this route. Thank you so much!