Invalid wayspot report

  • Wayspot Title: Malpils Akmens Kravums

  • Location (lat/lon): 57,0094431, 24,9490107

  • City: Mālpils

  • Country: Latvia

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  • Additional Information (if any):

There are multiple errors with this wayspot. It is on a private residental property, text below the red sign approves that. Also it is next to a bee hive and on top of all that it’s just a pile of rocks making it not so safe even if you tresspass the private property sign.

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What does the sign say? Private property is not a problem. POI can’t be located on private, single family residential property. Is this someone’s house or farm?

Also, that doesn’t look like a pile of rocks to me. It looks like what’s called a beehive hut. I’ve mostly only seen those in Ireland. They are built in a really interesting way, by using rocks without any mortar to join the rocks. That takes a lot of skill and is an interesting construction technique, especially if it’s located in a country that normally doesn’t use that kind of construction method.

Finally, being located next to a beehive is not a reason to remove a POI.

  1. The sign says : “Klabažas” (private property/house name) Private property.
  2. You just explained yourself that its a beehive hut meaning its dangerous and cant be approached without health concerns even if someone ignored the private property sign and tresspassed. Makes it even more dangerous because people have no idea what it actually is, you said yourself they are common in Ireland, not anywhere else. Dont be ignorant and put other people in danger ! @seaprincesshnb
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A beehive hut is not a place for bees to live.

It may look similiar to “Clochán” in the picture, but you can obviously see its just a pile of rocks with no entrance, even the wayspot says "pile of rocks" if translated. It has no significance and youre still ignoring the fact that it is dangerous.

That is absolutely fascinating. Thanks for posting that as a description as I would have been worried about bothering the bees. Now I think something like that could be interesting to explore.

I meant this as a reply to @seaprincesshnb and the Wikipedia link.

Feel free to trespass with @seaprincesshnb and find yourself with trespassing charges in ER with bee stings. Theres literally a bee hive next to it, so you will indeed bother the bees.

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It gets even more fascinating. There’s an ancient mound just steps away from this spot. I still can’t tell what kind of property it is, but the history is fantastic.


Please point to the criteria that says something being located near bees is ineligible. I’m very curious where you got that information.

Thanks for finding this information, now translate this short text from your link and get your answer what kind of property it is. " kur pilskalna pakājē ir Klobažu dzīvojamā ēka. "

History is fantastic indeed, but not always it is for everyone to enjoy in person.

Must be safe and publicly accessible by pedestrians (indoor or outdoor)

I don`t consider it safe being next to a bee hive. Many people are allergic to bee stings, that puts their life at risk.

I see that phrase. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not making a statement that this is eligible. I don’t know what “the Klobaži residential building is at the foot of the hill” means. Residential buildings come in all types.

The private property sign also says “only with property “Klabažas” permission”. I think that owner of the house don`t want any tourists on their property, in google streetview older pictures this driveway is crossed with a chain if that makes my point make more sense.

what exactly are you trying to say with this?

Yes - I thought the link might make it clear it’s not a beehive - seemed to be confusion.

Only confusion here is your shady link with 20 year old picture.

I can’t find any newer ones - the site doesn’t mention whether there is public access or not - from the road sign I see there’s no vehicle access, but I don’t know the area.

Below the road sign there is white sign with " “Klabažas” Privātīpašums" written on it. Obviously makes it not accessible. Although this was already discussed, you don`t read all the comments and come here to share your opinions.

Mod edit: I rephrased the last sentence.

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