Ratings making me sad - they have dropped because of the challenge

Mine actually went from okay to great thanks to it.
Honestly the whole criteria and whatever is just a game, and you gotta learn how to play it, its a complete joke to me, but whatever idc.
Only the first picture matters, misspelling or poor effort etc doesnt matter, and you have to follow the criteria, even though it maybe a park, you hit yes to social, exercise and no to explore, explore is only for idk paintings, murals, historical things, and maybe some unique stores.
Also, little free libraries are supposedly a place to socialize from the criteria so mark yes on that, and some random trail marker sign in the middle of nowhere, you hit exercise on that and accept.
Honestly im only here for 393 more agreements and im out, this whole thing is just a completely random nonsensical game that you have to agree with or you get punished.
Theres just way too many approved spots that make no sense to me whatsoever especially when the criteria says it shouldnt exist, thats my biggest issue, its completely random from what ive gathered.