Is there information about what kind of wayspot gets into what game?

By getting into wayfarer I found out that there are wayspots that got accepted but didnt made it into pokemon go. Is there any kind of guidelines or transparent information by Niantic that explains how they decide what type of wayspot becomes a pokestop and what doesnt?

Simply put, each game has a proximity rule that determines whether a wayspot can or cannot be added to that game.

In the case of Ingress, the Ingress dev team have been open about the proximity rule that is used in Ingress and how it affects the map. In the case of Pokémon Go, the Pokémon Go dev team have not been open about the proximity rules that they use, and instead that information was left for the community to figure out. So we know the rules used in both games, but only have official confirmation from the Ingress side.

In Ingress, a new wayspot will be eligible to become a Portal if it’s at least 20 metres from an existing Portal. If it’s within 20 metres of an existing Portal, it can’t become a Portal itself. For more information about the rules used in Pokémon Go, you can search the internet for the Pokémon Go Hub Comprehensive Guide to S2 Cells in Pokémon Go. Wayfarer itself has no proximity rules, so any accepted nominations will always be added to the database.

Additionally, there are sometimes dead zones in certain games, where even if the wayspot passes the proximity rule check, it still won’t appear. This is usually because the area has a specific tag on OSM, or because a property owner has requested a block on wayspots in the vicinity of their property.


Hi! Here you have an official information related to what you are asking. Is pinned in General Discussion too:

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