My Wayspot nomination was accepted, but does not appear in my game(s). Where did it go?

Hello Explorer,

Thank you for your contribution! Getting a Wayspot nomination accepted is a great accomplishment, you should be proud.

Your accepted nomination has been added to Niantic map and helps keep it fresh and engaging for all users around the world. While your accepted nomination is guaranteed to show up in our database, all other Niantic products (such as Pokémon GO, Ingress, etc…) choose which and how to include accepted Wayspots from the database. While not all accepted Wayspots will show up in every one of our games, it will be available for future products to include as they see fit for their experience.

Each game has its own schedule as to when it will sync with the database. It can take up to 48 hours for the systems to update and for those wayspots chosen to appear in a game.

Safe Exploring!