K-12 school keeps getting created under false pretense

Wayfarer Abuse

This K-12 school portal keeps getting deleted and resubmitted. It’s back for the 5th time.

A Resistance agent has submitted this portal which has been deleted. A agent submitted the portal, which also got deleted for being a scool. The portal has also been submitted a couple other times by unknown players… and was also deleted.

Here is the webpage showing the school information:

Please prevent this wayfarer abuse by preventing this submission again.

MODERATOR EDITS: to remove individual in game names.

It would be inappropriate to describe an agent name that an individual can identify in a public forum. You should only report problematic Wayspots. Even without the agent name, the Wayfarer team should be able to take appropriate action against the offending Wayfinder. Furthermore, you have even aptly indicated that the person is a female by using the word she. I consider this behavior highly inappropriate.

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Definitely needs reporting - but how can you possibly know who submitted them? I agree they shouldn’t be named in here either.


Because, the name on the portal was shown who submited it. It goes to show the delibrate attemtps to circumvent wayfarer.

The person cannot be identified. Only the agent name is listed

I have edited out the IGNs to protect privacy. The moderators can see this information if they need it to act on it.


is the church and school one building? is that part of the problem?

Yes, it is one building. Once primarily a church. But now, primarily a school

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I can read it in the historie.

If the wayspot is still live in ingress it’s trivial to see the name on the photo(s). with all the privacy issues ingress has the concerns in this thread seem a bit overblown. Regardless, it’s up to niantic to investigate and decide how to handle the situation.

My guess is that it’s multiple unrelated individuals going “wow why isn’t this church a wayspot” and nominating it. And some overly picky individual requesting removal because there is also a preschool here. I don’t think this wayspot needs to be removed personally. The sign is clearly for the church and doesn’t even mention the preschool. Maybe nominating the front entrance of the church would be better.


Actually, they were previously submitted by people that were all related. I was close friends with the resistance agents that did it.

Also, seeing that it was deleted so many times, its clear that it should be permenately deleted.

Logically, Kids are there all the time. We Don’t need agents hanging aound looking “suspicious”. Especially seeing that there are many other portals in the area. Rules were in place for a reason, and this is cleary a violation.

Google maps even shows text on the map at that location showing its a school. So, how exactly was this accepted? Unless there is abuse.

The guidlines clearly states no k-12 schools, which this is. The entire building is the school. It just happens to still have the original church sign.

With your logic, a basketball court on school property should be accepted.

this seems like a lie

but since I can’t go there in person and you can maybe it’s true

A lie? I previously stated that its dual purpose. I was simply stating that this is quite a small building. Its not like they can section it off like a campus

you said the entire building is the school. google maps shows one building.

if it were the playground that was being nominated as the church’s playground then sure. that’s not ok and that’s false pretenses. but the church is fine as a wayspot and the sign is whatsl is being nominated.

The sign is on school grounds period.

The school boundary is clearly defined by a metal fence. The sign for the church is well outside of this fence.

Incorrect. The fence shows the boundry of the playground, which is not in question. We are talking about a portal that is directly on the same grounds and is associatied with the school building.

The portal envelopes the school building.

The person doing this is completely toxic and should be permanently banned . This individual is constantly moving valid portal locations and submitting invalid portals all around .

A general reminder before things develop…… please can everyone remain respectful.


A lot of private schools like this are for K-12 though so where does the clarification not apply? From what I usually see, the church operates separate from the school. The playgrounds aren’t for the church but for the school that’s on site. Separated by a fence like in your pic.

EDIT: Even if it’s the same plot of land, I don’t see the difference on this. Attached are property info from the property appraiser.