Leisure Centre and Playground Renovation - waypoints need fixing!

Our town’s main leisure centre has been almost completely re-built in the last few years. It’s a complex including multiple pools, a gym, ball sports fields, a children’s playground, and a cafe, among other facilities.

The satellite view is still mid-build project so it shows a mix of new and old buildings. The new complex is shown, but a lot of the old buildings remain and the car park isnt shown (as its located where the old buildings used to be)

I’m aiming to sort out the area in Wayfarer, and have already submitted the newly opened diving pool last week. Emily didnt seem to want it and it remains in queue. I’d also like to submit the old pool as a waypoint, because the centre are talking about using it for fitness classes like aqua aerobics starting in a few weeks (with swimming in the new pool next to the diving pool, which is in a different building)

One issue that I dont know how to resolve is that the children’s playground was re located by approx ?100 metres in the works. It’s between one of the old pools, which is still there, and is on satellite, and the new carpark, which is not on satellite. The old play area is gone. I would like to edit this to be more accurate, with the bonus that it would allow a 2nd waypoint to appear in Go, because the old playground was near a park sign, and the new one is no longer near that sign as its moved quite a distance to the left.

How do I go about this? I dont want to be banned for repurposing something, even though its Rivermead Playground (old) into Rivermead Playground (new). I also dont want to be banned for making “abusive edits” just because I’m putting it into a new cell-its legitimately moved into a new cell.

I cant simply edit the location in game, as it’s too far. I don’t think I should submit a new waypoint - it will likely be added as a duplicate and won’t change the location. I also need to add new images, as the current images are for the old playground, which was just equipement on grass, now its new equipment on safety “tarmac” and there are coloured pathways leading to it from the rest of the site.

Here’s a badly drawn view of the site with some labels. Also old waypoint image and new playground image.

How would you guys tackle this?

For the playground I would start with adding the new photo. Considering how much things changed, it may or may not get accepted. Then to move the waypoint you will need to use the wayfarer help chat. Its on your wayfarer profile where you edit submissions and check your upgrades. Go to the help tab and wait for the orange chat bubble to pop up. Using the chat also allows you to explain the situation and provide proof that satalite does not.

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I had a similar situation with a bus station that ended up rebuilt. Similar set of circumstances including satellite mid project. It was easier to remove what was there (even although in theory a new photo and small move might have done it)and start with effectively a clean sheet and a small stack of upgrades.
But otherwise photo first.

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Thanks both, will submit a new photo this week and go from there.

I ideally dont want to go for removal because its a gym in PoGo, and players get very nasty about that sort of thing

Ah yes gyms come with gold badges, so understandable why it might get that response. My situation was all stops there were grumblings but I did explain we were likely to end up with a lot more, and they also want to keep access to fudge.

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Yeah I think with stops, people dont react in that same toxic manner. Especially if more appear than there were before.

I wouldnt be as concerned if the item in question was permanently removed, but it kind of wasnt, because there was always going to be a replacement playground at the same overall site, but its just at a different position within the site. The waypoints will have the same name too.