ML needs to go to school so the waypoints don't

ML requires further specialized training in order to identify wayspot nominations that are at unacceptable locations.

For example:

and in case you think maybe this didn’t sync into games…

The text of the nomination even makes it painfully obvious this is at a school.

Now of course there’s always the chance that this was approved by internal reviewers and not ML, but that’s even worse.

@NianticThibs I recommend Emily go to summer school


I’ve been seeing more nominations in queue that are at K-12 schools that don’t mention anything about being at a school. Hopefully the rejects will teach ML. And yes, I have had a few memorial type items at schools to review, not just your typical playgrounds and sports courts/fields.

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Imagine thinking you know criteria better than Niantic.

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I genuinely don’t think ML looks at location. Their loss.


Kind of agree with that, since almost all of my location edits go into community review, and all of the ones I do can be found on both satellite and Street View without issue.

Still, there are words in the title alone that warrant more review, such as the name of the school, as well as principal, and the description has the school’s name and type of school right in it. Still a bad approval, regardless if it was ML or the community, but I’m going to guess ML in this case.

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One of my friends submitted a plaque on school grounds as a test for the ML. ML failed and accepted it very fast. It was removed after a few days, but yeah, ML doesnt seem to check for schools.


I’ve also noticed some places having issues with Wayspots at schools getting approved, then being removed, then approved again and so on, so it’s a messy problem.

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I put up an example that had to be an ML accept in a roundabout based on the pansies being in the exact same stage of bloom as the photo, so it had to have been taken about 24 hours before, but I took it back down because I didn’t want to give anyone ideas about trying something they shouldn’t. I guess that idea has occurred to others anyway. I got it removed right away.

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Yeah they were intending to withdraw this as soon as the ML window had passed.

Reviewed a nomination here this morning and saw that NIA had accepted 3 nominations here that all have the name of the school in the title. Oh and the baseball field wayspots are dupes of each other on top of that.

It’s time to seriously consider turning off ML acceptances until this can be sorted out.



I hate to agree to this because I LOVE the fast accepts, but you are absolutely right. Yikes! “Elementary School” even in the Title :woman_facepalming:

I can 100% guarantee it doesn’t look at location. I’ve just created a post where, due to signal issues, I seem to have submitted 2 noms for the exact same GPS coordinates. Both were accepted by ML, but clearly one was in completely the wrong place! We now have the issue that a park on Wensum Close is showing up on the allotments at Elm Close and they are a 2/3 minute walk apart!


sure but does it look at title? at the very least these 3 should have been sent to the internal review queue


Without a doubt you are correct. Its weird - I don’t have any memorial benches auto accepted, so how did someone get one accepted my ML ESPECIALLY with having language in there about a school! Almost as if the auto reject has accidentally be turned to auto accept?

Nothing as bad as an obvious school :roll_eyes: but I have had accepts that shouldn’t have happened.
There have also been plenty of times here in the forum where the conversation has ended up concluding that some further education of Emily is required.
I am enjoying the quick accepts but there has to be a better balance.

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I’ve also seen a lot at schools lately. For example, I get a review and see it’s at a school - and 3 wayspots are already there. I find the intel link for the existing ones, then mark the proposed one as abuse and say the others should be removed too (with links).

The company I worked for (in IT) 20 years ago used maps extensively for insurance purposes - including property type. Public records. Not new stuff. (Altho I don’t know about other countries.)

But maybe Niantic finds that checking property type slows down their system too much.

At the very least: once one live reviewer marks a nomination as school or private residence - AI could grab it and check the map to verify.

That would be a great use of AI, but seems this one hasnt been asked to check on this sort of information. Hopefully it can in future!!

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I don’t think the ML does much at all with context like that. (At least so far.)

It seems like it does some weird analysis of the photos and tries to see how similar images were accepted/rejected in the past.

I agree- I dont think it checks much at all