More than 7 stops not showing in the game :(

Got almost 8 stops appeals approved but not showing in the game… I think the program need an update because is so difficult to nominate and see wich stops are currently in the game, would be nice if for example you try to upload a new stop and it couldnt be possible because of the cells, that’s would really help… people always try to send nominations but some are approved but cant be showed, so people would try to send it again and its dupplicate.

Its frustrating playing in my actual town, when i come back because i normally live in a big city, but on holidays i came to my city and its so difficult to play because there are areas with so less stops and some of them without any of them. Would be great to get some rewards on the game. Because we are improving your maps.

I try hard to get a better game in my rural town but sometimes is so frustrating. I try to move other stops to places where is still next to the item and still visible, to get my approved ones shown but I got no lucky or i have to wait ages to have a confirmation or negative and then when i am in some other areas are full of stops and i never would understand why. Are the rural town less?

Another cooment, my city really needs an update, because i dont know who is moving a lot of spots to another places not real and they are approved, and when you play you realise that problem.

Sorry x my english :frowning:

This is a known issue if you mean recent accepts:

Otherwise, google Pokemon Go and S2 cells. Your nominations may not have been eligible to show in Pokemon Go if they were not the only Wayspots in their level 17 S2 cell.

I completely agree that we need to have a map of all Wayspots to see what is already in the Lightship database. Pokemon Go players can check from their nomination map screen while they are at the location with the toggle option, but Ingress players have no way to see them.

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I didnt know about the issue, and the other toogle option that you said, i need to figure it out and how to show them. Thank you for your comment.


I tried to use what you were talking about but in my game is not possible to see the toogle option :S

The toggle is on, it’s the thing in the bottom left.

It will only show you wayspots within around 100 metres of your current physical location though. If you scroll elsewhere, you won’t see anything. You’ll need to actually go there.

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Im actually next to 2 stops in the game and are not showing with the toogle option :S

OK, so someone else on the forum was having this issue. It might be buggy based on language settings. Can you try setting both your in game language and your phone’s language to English and then see if it works?


That’s was the problem. Would be nice seeing it in my language “Spanish”. Now I can saw them. I suppose is a SS2 Cell problem then… Thank you!

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2 approved new ones have appeared! :wink: So the issue were real. Thank you.

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