My agreements aren't syncing

I did a bunch of reviews for the Niantic challenge to get the free stuff. I never got my codes for the free stuff and my agreements don’t match on Wayfarer and Pokemon, despite using the same Google account to do both. It was suggested to me to post here as my friends are as baffled as I am. What am I missing?

Sadly your agreements dont count in game if your rating is below “good”. As you’re currently at poor, you wont get any credit in game, unfortunately. I’m in the same boat as participating in the challenge has dropped me to “fair” after several years of being “great”.

As for the challenge rewards someone else will know more than me, but I believe they are being sent out until tomorrow

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Hi @siamesecatpaws
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The rewards will be sent out until the end of 5th june. Aaron commented this:

In Niantic world (pacific time) it is now 11:20 am.

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