Name Change Appeal

Wayspot Title: Louisiana Cultural Economy
Location: (29.957814, -90.076511)
New Orleans, LA, USA

There is a pokestop near me named after Louisiana Cultural Economy, a foundation group that is no longer located there. I submitted a name change request as the building is now operated by “Jet Life Apparel” but this was rejected. I appealed this decision and was even given a warning not to abuse the system. I had no intention of abuse and was just trying to update the stop name to be more accurate. You can see in the screenshot that the stop location matches exactly with the business.

I’m not really sure what the best direction is to go from here. The new business at this site sells THC products:

I’m not really sure what the best decision is here, I think it would be unfortunate for players to think they were going to a foundation area and instead its a store and dispensary. I’ll leave it up to the staff here.

I’ve tried to find if Louisiana Cultural Economy moved, and I found this site that suggests a potential new location.

If a business changes (and it’s not just a simple case of the business changing their name but otherwise being exactly the same), you’re meant to request removal of the existing wayspot and then, if the new business is eligible, you can submit it as a new nomination.

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I have reported a name change for a business that was torn down and a new one built in its place. Niantic rejected the evidence that the building was torn down. About 10% of the gyms and stops in my community are at places that no longer exist. The AI doesn’t care, and any evidence that the spot no longer exists is always rejected :person_shrugging:

If your report that a wayspot no longer exists is rejected, you can appeal that here on the forum and supply additional evidence to support your request.