Need to withdraw edit

I just got my incorrect edit to review without the correct edit as an option.

I called this the “East” station of the three, because it was the rightmost one, but I was facing south, so this is actually the “West” station. I submitted that edit immediately upon realizing what I had done, but it went into Niantic voting.

Please allow us to withdraw edits ASAP. I know y’all realize we need this functionality.


And it gets worse. The title correction was rejected but the incorrect edit is still in queue. At least it was decided in time for me to take this to help chat. But if anyone wants to see the history of this art display site, several photos of different works have been added over the years

And this photo I will be sending shows the current work is by a different artist

My description update and new photo had been auto approved, so I had hoped they would be able to read that and make the correct decision. But I could not include the link to show it is rotating art there: Park Pictures - NCMA Park

And this park map shows the three stations:

Lol and worse. Instead of correcting the title, help chat removed the Wayspot.

Guess I can resubmit with the photos I took to prove the title correction.

But it was a gym so people are going to be mad…

Maybe I should try to appeal the removal first.

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And weirder. The incorrect title that I posted here that I wanted to withdraw is in Niantic voting since the day that happened. Can the system not handle edits to removed wayspots?

We’ve been begging Niantic for the option to delete any edit not approved, ever since they started showing up on the site, and they are very slow at listening to the users!!!