Unique Art

Works of art and architecture encourage exploration and reflect the communities where they are found and their values.

Works of art are generally eligible so long as they are unique, distinct, and permanent. This can include indoor artwork (framed and murals) and museum exhibits that are intended to be permanent. Nominators should use the official title and credit the artist when possible. They should tell the story of the work, explaining the cultural context.

Submitters should make use of the supporting information section to verify the location and that it is unique and authentic using articles or other key information to help reviewers. In the case of temporary museum exhibits or art installations, consider whether it’s better to nominate the museum or location as a whole rather than the individual exhibits inside.

Murals and Street Art
Murals are great works of art and therefore eligible along with street art. Each mural should be a single Wayspot unless it has sections that tell a distinct enough story or are physically separate. Works that are considered vandalism would not qualify.

:+1:The mural above is a great example of a large-scale mural in a public place that highlights an event of importance to the community, and is most likely commissioned.

:+1:This mural (above) is a great example of street art that is distinct, unique, tells a story, and uses unique materials to create artistic value.


:-1: The street art pictured above may have initially been a good example, but due to the overwhelming number of names and different styles added to this piece, there is evidence to suggest it is not an intentional work of art and is therefore not eligible.

Business Signage
Unique artistic merit can make a sign eligible. This could include being one of a kind and created by a local artist, or being distinctive and noteworthy in the local community. Is this a sign of something worthy of exploration? Submitters should ensure that they provide context as to why the sign meets the acceptance criteria.

:-1: The logo above is famous: The Golden Arches. However, because it is so well-known and widespread throughout the globe, it is considered generic or mass-produced.

:+1: The mural above also functions as a logo or sign for a business that can be considered eligible because it is a unique work of art.

:+1: Even though this hammer above is technically an address sign, it is unique and notable to the business it’s meant to represent and could be considered eligible.