New Pokestop not showing up

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Pokestop has been accepted however is not showing up in the game. Screenshots provided below

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Pokestop name is CJ’s Gone Fishing Mural

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Please see map link:


It is within the same level 17 s2 cell as “Wiremu Parata Homestead Memorial Stone” and is also within 20m of it, so will not appear in Pokémon Go or Ingress.

I’ve had the same problem too but I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s in a same level 17 s2 cell as a pokestop that’s already there since only one pokestop can be made in an s2 cell. I made the same mistake too so yea

Hi @AeonDovah

In addition to @NvlblNms cell answere, I copy this out of the wayfarer faq:

If you can’t see it after 48h in your game, it sadly never show up there. Only chance is, that the other poi get retired one time, than this will show up from the back up.

In-game you sadly see, that you nominate a new Pokestop, but that isn’t the fact.

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Also, adding to the previous comments, here you have a topic created for these cases, have a look when you have a moment ^^ : Why hasn't my approved POI shown up in my game yet?


Hi Gotrek27

Your approved Wayspot does not show in Pokemon Go because they only allow one per level 17 S2 cell to show in game, and this is in the same cell with Pomnik pamięci

It does show in Ingress because that game has a 20m rule for which Wayspots it will use, and your new one is outside the 20m circle.