Niantic! Stop approving ineligible, boring, generic Wayspots!

There is a Walmart and Lowes that are POI that I have seen. They got approved way before eMiLy came along.

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I have a topic about this situation in Viet Nam. It’s realyy serious

I dunno, I quite like “Newer Starbucks” because that allows not only for “Older Starbucks” but “New-ish Starbucks that’s a bit older that Newer Starbucks”, “Vacant Lot where Starbucks use to be” and of course “Starbucks Cup on Table”.



What about Starbucks That Never Were? I’ve got a Sponosred Starbucks on a corner that has never had a Starbucks, and theres not a Starbucks around for a couple of miles. I have no idea which one it’s supposed to be.


That’s great, I hope that we see noticeable changes soon!

found another winner on reddit causing the usual stir. “what’s the harm in these existing” is a popular refrain, and the wayspot being approved by niantic does not help matters.
“Refcliffe Mitsubishi” -27.227487,153.092619


What the problem with a memorial bench placed on a local trail/ national route ? I’d love to stop and rest while i spun a few times! :wink:


I’m sure the Wayfarer team is planning to make Emily learn “how to click on the right content” with this challenge, but if you make her learn to click on the kind of clicks that Wayfinder chooses to recommend and approve Starbucks, 7-Eleven, and Walmart, Emily is going to get dumber. LOL!
It would be better for the Wayfarer team to see what level of quality the current recommendations and editorial reports are at and have the manager himself review them and light up the OPR Live medal.

I agree with you one this. Because smaller town may have historical significance to it. But all those are already waypoints. So I nominated a 20 year old bus stop that still in use for the public. And don’t think a lot of people know that in rural area a beanch with a roof over is bus stop. They only see those that in the city which looks way different then in rural areas.

So yeah Niantic should really take in account the overall area as well of this town vs City. Apologize if they already do

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Sooo don’t approve generic businesses, but if we “reject” to many we get looked at for not approving? I’m confused.

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Is there any reason why these wayspots continue appearing in Lightship?

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Meanwhile, appeals for entirely non-business locations are still being rejected on that criteria :sweat_smile:


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That looks soo google photos lol. And that camera quality in 2024 lol

Maybe depends on the location or country.

I am in Germany, bus stops with bench and roof are quite normal outside of the big cities. And generally, most of them are even 30+ years old and still used.

Would not call any of those historic :wink:



There was been so much generic business approvals after Wayfarer updated their rules on “local business”!

I’ve been reviewing for a while but missed that there was an update to how we are supposed to review local businesses (I have noticed what I would consider to be generic chain businesses being suddenly added in my area…) Can someone please elaborate on the new guidance?

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Thank you for the information is helpful. Also make sense in a manner.

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