Nominating no longer worth it

A memorial flagpole from 1940s & an event hosting place were both denied. Meanwhile fake post offices & fire departments with no photos are popping up more frequently.



Are you able to provide some proof of the fakes? Are you also willing to share your nominations, as we are more than willing to see if any improvement can be made?

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Hi @XavierTalon225 welcome to the Forum!

Just so you know Niantic doesn’t make everything perfectly clear. Their basic eligibility criteria is that something needs to be a GREAT place to socialize, exercise, or explore.

A bit of feedback from you examples:

  • memorial flagpole (1940’s)
    • Flagpoles are a tough sell as they don’t tend to be unique (so less likely to be explorable). I’d recommend using the nomination help section if this does focus on flags from the 1940’s!
  • Event place
    • Event spaces can be eligible under the social criteria. Without other info I’d again recommend the Nomination section for more assistance.
  • Post Offices represent the socialize criteria from the beginning of Niantic games, the OG being Ingress. Post Offices as long as they are accurately placed are wonderful wayspots.
  • Fire Department
    • Fire Departments are typically a poor choice as a wayspot since they most often block emergency services. Blocking emergency services is a prominent rejection item.

Hey I’m hope I helped you. But for a ton more information I’d suggest the Nominations channel.


I’m curious what country you’re in. typically any wayspot created without a photo is imported directly by Niantic from some third party data source. they did this early on in the US and some of those still do not have photos and others are still misplaced or “incorrect” entirely.

if they’re newly appearing as you say then I’m guessing you’re not in the US. they have imported data from Foursquare for several countries which was notoriously poor quality. but again, no photo means not player nominated and thus it doesn’t go through the normal system and sadly some of the wayspots imported will be very low quality


I also know that in some rural areas, Wayspots may be created without photos, and it could be for a variety of POIs. I often see existing Wayspots without photos when reviewing rural areas that users are trying to add to now. And yes, that does include fire departments.

@XavierTalon225 Also, post offices are eligible, as they may be social hubs and are also important to the community, even if mail is used less and less these days.

I’ve attached screen shots of the rejection for the flag pole. The community gathers here often.
In help would be greatly appreciated. The rejections are often too vague to understand how to improve the nomination.

“More stops needed” is a prime example of how not to use the supporting statement.

The supporting statement should be used to explain to reviewers why you think your nomination is a great place to socialise, exercise or explore, as well as provide any additional evidence to help prove your case. Needing more stops is game specific and not relevant.


Generic flag poles are everywhere.

Maybe you could describe how “Bulla Post” is significant. Maybe even what “American Legion and Auxiliary” means. For most reviewers (including appealers who are likely offshore), those words mean nothing. Just a generic flag pole. You’ll have to prove that it’s a destination for people who want to explore.

You did use the plaque as the main photo, which would make the flagpole eligible. I do wonder what the title was for this, as I’m not seeing that, as well as the rejection reason.

I also would be a little more descriptive with the description, possibly including locally where this is located at, as well as capitalize American Legion. The old building it’s next to seems to be closed, but it may have been a part of it in the past, and it may be helpful to include the building info in the description as well.

For those wondering, it’s located at 36.68835138259803, -77.5421196656764.

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It’s not a generic flagpole, since it has a donation plaque that’s over 80 years old, which makes it eligible. This is also a rural area, so the plaque and flagpole would be eligible; there just needs to be more information provided to make it eligible, to sell it.

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I edited this post to remove your name. It looks like you replied thru your email which automatically includes your email signature, @XavierTalon225.


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Hola buenas! Las fuentes de agua son, por lo general, objetos fabricados en masa, no distintos entre sí. Hay ciudades con cientos de ellas, absolutamente todas iguales y yo, en lo personal, las rechazo. No veo que cumplan algún criterio.

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