Nomination accepted but now showing up

My nomination was accepted but doesn’t show up in the game it was accepted on the 6th of June

Freckles is a cutie, which definitely makes them a significant member of the community!

Unfortunately, Freckles’ bench is within both 20m of, and the same level 17 s2 cell as “Trail Sculptures at Boyden Park”.

But I’ve seen other poke stops right next to gyms just like that tho ? How does that fly by then ?

You could have 4 things practically on top of each other and still be in distinct level 17 s2 cells.


Each game has its own inclusion rules which determine which Wayspots will be included on the map. Pokemon Go uses level 17 S2 cells to determine which Wayspots become PokeStops, while Ingress uses a 20m rule.

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So basically they can’t be in the same “box “