Pokestop Timeframe

How long does it take to get a pokestop approved?

On the Wayfarer Discussion Discord, we have seen reports of nominations being accepted in minutes, to taking more than two years to reach a decision. It varies from place to place and with the Machine Learning model making some of the decisions, I have no idea what to tell you to expect.

The idea of earning upgrades by reviewing was to send your nomination to a wider review pool to get more people to look at it for a faster decision. But there are many reports that upgrades are NOT getting quick results right now.

Anywhere between 24 hours and 6+ months depending on your local area, the volume of reviewers who might see it.

You can expedite the process by applying an upgrade. You earn an upgrade by reviewing, typically about 140 reviews will get an upgrade.

Most sensible people will not apply an upgrade for 48 hours as there is a chance your nomination will be reviewed by Emily, Niantic’s Machine Learning system or by Niantic staff making using the upgrade pointless.

There is a setting on your Wayfarer page for apply upgrades automatically. If you don’t switch it to off you can’t control which of your submissions the upgrade is applied to.


Well said by others already.

But also remember that you are not submitting a Pokestop. It may show up in PokemonGo; it may not. You’re submitting a point of interest to the Lightship database. It could be used, or discarded, by any Niantic game - and also if your city decided to use the database for an artwork tour, or the park for a festive weekend - or any number of things.