Pronouns in profile

I dunno if the system allows for that, but I think it would be nice if there was a section where people could specify their pronouns.
I like to check if someone has a preferred pronoun that they would use before replying to them. I think it will give people more opportunity to express themselves.


No, there isn’t an option to choose pronouns here in the forums. Some have added them to their profile About Me info.

I personally try to word my responses to not include any pronouns, plus, I’ve just found I don’t really have to use pronouns.


I would refrain from making a joke out of this topic. There are those that do take this quite seriously, and we should be respectful.


I take pronouns quite seriously. That was not a joke, all of those are pronouns.


I’m sorry, but there will be some people that find it disrespectful and tasteless. Please keep those in mind.

I put it in my profile whe I had the chance to set it up at the start.
It was a simple thing to do….although when I reply I don’t usually go and check :roll_eyes:

My preferred choice of pronoun is also in my profile.

Please feel free to use it whenever you like.

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Thank 1460 0000 4392 @26thDoctor. I have included mine in my profile with the added note that I personally don’t really care how I’m reffed to as long as it’s not mean spirited. :smile_cat:


Honestly, yeah, you’re right. Most of the time, when replying on the forum, you usually are either posting about yourself in the first person or replying to somebody else in the second person.
I’ve mostly only used someone’s preferred pronouns to build my own internal mental mindmap of the people who make up this community. Though I doubt helping me build my Wayfarer headcanon is high on people’s priority lists :thinking:

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