Putt Putt Golf course denied

Happens to me every time when nominating on Android :person_shrugging:

Guess I’m lucky that I’ve never had it happen.

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What do you mean specifically ??

For example, I submit a POI at corner of 9-Mile and Main Street.
Then when I go down main street to 12 Mile and Main Street, my location in the game is accurate and updated and in the game I am at 12 Mile & Main Street. However, when I submit a 2nd POI without closing app, it shows my submission as original 9-mile & Main Street. So where are you saying I should back out of and update since my game loc is updated.

Whoa, interesting. For me the nomination location updates when I exit to the game overworld before trying to nominate a next wayspot (no need to close the app but need to close the menu completely). (Android, 0.311.) I think this is what @NvlblNm is describing also.

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Are you uploading right away at Submission 1 or hitting upload later? I’ve only noticed it, when I use upload later. Its been a few weeks since this last happened, so maybe they partially fixed it and going back to main game fixes it now. I’d have to stack some submissions to check again. But I guarantee it, my location in game would work but in submission wouldnt


Oh I completely believe you (there is a pair of accepted nominations with identical coordinates out there and this is kind of my fault). And since I installed 0.311 I haven’t used Upload Later and walked, just did quick tests with a direct upload, so that is a very good point. Do let me know if you update and something changes though.

Yes, this is my experience on iOS.

Personally, I’ve encountered dupe location issues when not backing out of the menu regardless of whether I use upload later or not, but I don’t think I’ve paid close enough attention to cases where I back out but consistently use upload later. I think I would have had at least one dupe location from that scenario by now if it were happening to me too, but I’ll need to be a bit more vigilant about checking my steps.

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If you are accustomed to moving the map around to set your pin correctly, you probably won’t notice it. I didn’t notice it for a long time because i have good muscle memory. But there are a LOT of submitters who don’t even realize that they can/should move the map around, so their pins are always just where they happen to be standing. Most of the time, they are standing fairly close, so it’s not a huge problem.

But then, this happens and not noticing becomes a problem.

Ironically enough I am the opposite I noticed because I go stand where I want the pin to be so I don’t have to move the map, then move to take my picture.

Oof, i never take the photo inside the app.

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