Resubmitting in queue nominations to get the ML to look at it

I currently have quite a few submissions sitting in queue and in voting. Some of these were nominated months ago (like the beginning of the year), which was when emily was nowhere near as good at reviewing nominations (I think AI accepts were rare at that time).
Would it be considered abuse to try to resubmit the nominations to see if emily would pick it up and accept it, therefore bypassing the community to vote on it? I haven’t done this yet, barring a couple photo submissions that I thought got lost, resubmitted and got approved in minutes before we could see our photo submissions on the contributions page.

I would leave it. I had a few sitting in queue from December and received a batch from “our team” with their review responses one evening.
I actually had one “in voting” for awhile and thought it odd it was in so long and was just looking at it earlier before I received the email responses for others that were inqueue. It apparently went to “our team” as well.
They will likely be picked up by them or community at some point. Most of my submissions are not picked up by AI, occasionally Niantic Voting, but most sit in queue.
Currently my oldest “in voting” is from Dec 2023 and my oldest “in queue” is from Jan 2024

If they are in queue, you could put them on hold and try resubmitting. If Emily gets them it will be within 24 hours usually. You can then withdraw the original nominations. If Emily doesn’t get them, you could either leave them both in and withdraw the other as soon as one gets to in voting (but risk a duplicate rejection if you don’t see it in time) or withdraw one - question is, do you keep the older one assuming the queue is working correctly and it will go to the community eventually, or do you keep the newer one making the assumption the older one got “stuck” and will never make it out of the queue.

Make sure your wayfarer rating is good or great - when mine dropped to fair right before the challenge I didn’t get a single nomination picked up by Emily until after my rating went back up. It might be a coincidence, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s something in the programming that only sends the nominations of higher rated wayfarers because it assumes you are more likely to submit something that fits the criteria!

I wouldn’t have a problem with you putting the old ones on hold, submitting new ones, waiting 24 hours, then withdrawing one or the other.