Review Error Message Issue

Hello Explorers,

Thank you for your reports regarding the ! error messages when you’re attempting to review. Please know that your reports on the forum and to our Ambassadors have been heard and our team is currently investigating the issue. Some of what you may experience for the duration of the investigation will be:

  • No edits in reviews - this will help investigate and isolate possible issues
  • USA nominations during review - we’ll be introducing USA to ensure we continue a smooth review experience while edits are out of the challenge for the investigation.

Thank you for your patience and reports. We will update you once we have shipped a fix.



Our team has identified the issue and shipped a fix for the ! error messages. With the fix shipped, we have also re-enabled edits and moved the challenge back to Japan only until the original scheduled shift to the USA.

Thank you for your patience while we fixed these issues.


I am still getting the bobbing balloon/!error after 1-5 reviews this morning.


Can confirm I’m getting the “Please retry your request” errors very very often.

So far I’ve kind of just assumed it’s because of the event and that there are 1000’s of reviewers all accessing the site causing overload :slight_smile:


Screenshot 2024-05-17 210106

always get this massage from 1 to another review


very hard to get any reviews to load this morning


Same thing happening with me. That and long lags when you press submit.


yeah, very slow load and many retry

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so do i :expressionless:

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@NianticAaron constant lags and freezing between reviews and the error messages already posted above. This has happened on the 1st 5 already this morning. Started happening approx 12 hours ago as it was happening me last night before I went to bed.


Two hours later this is still the case.

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It feels like it is worse today than it was yesterday when I was reviewing.

I managed to whack out 200 or so yesterday through my work day, but today it’s like the error is popping up almost every review. It makes it very tedious :smiley:

Yeah, i feel like this error is popping every two-three reviews…

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And what about the reviewers that got the 24 hour cooldown now and can’t continue to review?

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Yeah, last night I was getting the Please retry your request error a lot, and still getting it a lot today.

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The error, for me, seems to be on the loading of the next Wayspot to be reviewed. It often happens multiple times before loading the next review.

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Getting also Retry messages a lot. Also getting lots of local nominations for review.

Hopefully Wayfarer teams gives extra review time as we cannot now review nomination in normal speed.

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We have removed the 24 hour cooldowns for all users who received them between the start of the challenge and 11:15am PDT today. After this change, we also decreased the frequency these cooldowns are hit and shortened the timeframe for the cooldown from 24 hours to 30 minutes (even though the page might say otherwise). This will hold true for the duration of the challenge.


Thank you, that’s a massive help.

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