Reviews Take Forever

In my area the review process takes forever, pre-ML. I had a review from November that was in voting so long I finally upgraded it in June and it was approved. I live in a large city and I don’t believe we have many reviewers. People just don’t care anymore and the big push to review to get more stops/gyms is gone. As well, people find it tedious and don’t like getting reviews from outside their area. I review many “rural nominations” at the other end of the country. Not even in my bonus location. Upgrades just don’t have the appeal and the badge…is it worth it?!
I review, but I guess that just bumps others’ nominations into “in voting” status faster and then they sit there. I reviewed a nomination someone submitted in February and it still says “in voting”. I didn’t know they submitted it, but I was in a regional park recently and submitted a few items and “our team” accepted them. The individual reached out to me to ask which other ones I submitted. Ingress shows who is out there doing actions, so it’s kinda obvious. Most of theirs were in voting and only one was in queue, that I had recently had accepted via ML. So they could only withdraw the one.
I recall voting on the nominations, but thought it was odd that it wasn’t in the game when I was out that way. It was a dead zone as it isn’t a largely frequented area. Just assumed others couldn’t figure out if they were legit or good nominations.
Which I know is leading to more “duplicate” rejections for them and less “agreements” for those reviewing.
I just don’t know when they will deal with that or overhaul the system.

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