Should I submit it again or not

I would not. It seems like drawing games players to a bird blind interferes with the use of the blind. But @Shilfiell is the birding expert.

Ive already had quite a few accepted though

If I was walking past and saw it in game I would put my phone way and see what it is and what it’s for.

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Its probably the worst place for a bird hide aswell because the only animals you really see there are pidgeons and rats. Theres a massive lake behind this aswell that is actually used by different birds so im surprised theres not some hides there.

Having things accepted is not proof that they are good POI.

I’m just expressing how i would review this. I don’t like POI at spots that are supposed to be protected nature areas.

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That doesnt mean that this is ineligible though.

To be honest in the U.K. places like this in country parks are often found to be acceptable there is usually some information at them about what to look for etc. or they are part of a nature trail around the park.


Since birding/photography blinds are intentionally manufactured for HUMAN enjoyment, I find them generally acceptable. As always, players of phone games should have respect for the people who may be using these blinds for their intended purpose to avoid flushing the creatures they’re studying.


Found one of my own submissions to illustrate!


That’s an excellent submission. That description is spot on

Its been accepted now