Stop/Arena Removal

When submitting a Wayspot Appeal, make sure to include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Wayspot Title: 11 Arenen/Stops Holzauto, Mühlenturm Lüntenbeck, Bubble Lamp Castle luentenbeck, Alien Eierstock-geschlüpt,Skaterbahn auf dem Spielplatz Lüntenbeck,Pyramide,Bahnverzweigung,Wegweiser auf der Trasse, Infotafel Haltepunkt Lüntenbeck, Gedenkstein Lüntenbeck
  • Location (lat/lon):Siedlung Lüntenbeck
  • City: Wuppertal
  • Country:Nrw, Deutschland
  • Screenshot of the Rejection Email (do not include your personal information):
  • Additional Information (if any):Hello, I have the following problem:
    In the settlement where I live there are a few aggressive players who drive other people (sometimes regardless of whether they are other players or not) from places where there are arenas or stops, sometimes with insults and threats after several consultations With the police, we (police and I) have come to the conclusion that it would be better if these arenas and stops were removed, but unfortunately Niantic support is unable to respond to tickets that have been created or to give contradictory answers (stops can only be sent by Property owners have to be removed, although in other places this is also not possible!) So maybe someone can help me where I can perhaps reach someone intelligent so that the stops/arenas can be removed.

Can I ask what is the difference between you just never using those stops/arenas and Niantic removing them completely? If I found a place where people played in a way that I disliked, I would just avoid that place. (In fact, there are parks in my area where I think a few locals are way too aggressive with how they take gyms so I simply avoid those gyms.)

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The Wayspots you had reported are not eligible for removal.

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Better off making a call to the police if they’re harassing people aggrivatedly



While Niantic does encourage all players to abide by local laws, as stated in the game’s Terms of Service and as reiterated through in-game warnings and notifications, we ultimately cannot control or be responsible for how individual users elect to act or behave on their own volition. If players engage in unlawful behavior while playing our games, we encourage you to work with local law enforcement to address the issue, as you would with other individuals in your community.

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Yep, I see this like someone asking Google to remove a public street from their map because drivers use excessive speed down it. Google is not responsible for how people use the street. Niantic is not responsible for how people behave while using their games.

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So I should avoid playgrounds with my son so that others can play Pokemon there?!

I have already done that and we agreed with the police that it is better to remove the stops and arenas because as long as there is no physical attack they cannot intervene

I did that as I have already described several times if you read my messages

But Niantic can take action if players do not adhere to their terms of service, the players were reported → nothing happened

Forgive me for being blunt, but, I’d rather the agreement was for them to do their job. Agree on it all you want with them, but it sounds like these players need a visit to get sorted out. That’s a people problem. A policing problem. It doesn’t actually change the acceptability of the waypoint, as far as I can see.

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And should I also avoid going to the front door? As well as going for a walk through the forest in my immediate neighborhood?

The logic behind it is that when the stops and arenas are gone, the aggressive players no longer have any reason to block these places and you can go to the local playground or go into the forest without being afraid again without being threatened Unfortunately, the police can only intervene if something has happened, such as: Unfortunately, bodily harm, verbal threats and insults are not enough

Are you taking your son to the playground or are you taking him to play Pokemon? Either way, the behavior of your locals is not the responsibility of Niantic.

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I go to the playground with my son without playing Pokemon and you are still chased away from there or exposed to insults and threats, which you don’t like to do when there is a small child there.

There has been no misunderstanding on that point. Thats still a policing problem, unfortunately.

From the way you make it sound, you don’t feel safe anywhere. I think there may be a larger issue at hand here than just a couple of POGO players.

At any rate, I hope something gets figured out.

Nobody from support is willing to deal with the problem, which is the sad thing about it

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Although I appreciate your frustration at the situation this is not a wayfarer issue and as such posting here is not going to help.
People have given you all the advice they can.
There is also no need to take out that frustration by being insulting to individuals.
I am going to close this topic.