This or that

Which would you be more likely to accept?

Engraved flagstone with the name of the pond

Located here in the middle of Richmond Park

Pond is named after

The present garden of clearings, ponds and streams was established from the 1950s onwards. It was largely the work of George Thomson, the Park Superintendent from 1951-1971. Along with his head gardener, Wally Miller, he removed Rhododendron ponticum from large areas and replaced it with other rhododendron species. They established evergreen Kurume Azaleas around the Still Pond and planted other exotic shrub and tree species. The garden has continued to evolve under successive Superintendents and Park Managers.

Or right next to the flagstone

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Any of them, but this one would be my favourite

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Me too and the flagstone has previously been rejected.

The dangerous stepping logs though :scream: The park obviously put them there to maim anyone wanting to cross the 3 inch deep stream and not to help them…


Terrible, there will be thousands injured for sure :roll_eyes:

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Isn’t the underwater name block part of the stepping stone configuration?
I’d submit the steeping stones / footbridge.
It looks very cool!

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Looks like its on the left of all the stepping stones, visible in the 2nd picture

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It’s just at the edge of the water but in the actual pond. Lovely idea but can I just have a normal, boring sign :smiling_face_with_tear:


I’d consider that part of the functional art installment.

It looks fun! The kid in me wants to hop the ones farther apart, but that kid experienced a few falls into the water, lol, so I’d walk the easy side now. I wonder if the water makes a nice sound there.


It does.

The Isabella itself is in the middle of Richmond Park which is about 2,500 acres, 12km to walk around the perimeter so there’s no traffic noise.

There’s three ponds


That feed little streams that run through the whole plantation next to the paths and lawns, seating, bog garden, heather garden all under the canopy of a huge variety of trees


In the spring it looks like this

Very serene and beautiful.


It looks fab

Signal is sh1te though.

Took me seven attempts to make this and it’s a bl00dy mess :joy:


It sounds like this

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That is an absolutely awesome looking and sounding place

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Sounds daaaaangerous :scream:

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Both look acceptable.

I have some stepping stones in voting that are only 5 miles from your submissions but it’s typical the water table was higher than usual when I went past so the stones are slightly submerged :laughing:

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Stunning! Thank you for the comprehensive virtual tour!!

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Is it the steps over the Hogsmill that were posted recently?


Yeah it was the Hogsmill ones. Submitted via wayfarer a while back. Were they posted here for some reason?

Thanks for that. I have not kept up with the forums recently.

Added an explanation to that thread :blush:

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