Lost in Translation

Part 1 Japan

This seems ok. Description says religious building but It’s difficult to read the picture.

Anyone help?

Timed out:)

I’ve mainly been getting Wayspot reviews for Japan, and some of the titles are just unnecessarily loooooooooooooooong.

Most have been fine for me but I’ve had more edits than submissions which are easier.
I just thought it might be handy if you are really stuck to post it here and get a quick answer… That didn’t work.

Some edits are for typos fix in Japan, but these are often not covered by translation tools and may be difficult to judge for non native japanese, especially kanji…

This is religious building.
Title and sign are same so this is correct.
The writing on some signs in Japan is crumpled and may be difficult to read.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

So, you may have already noticed this, but maybe others haven’t. This demonstrates something I realized after the first 20 or so Japan reviews. Almost all of the writing on signs–at least the main writing, not the fine print, of course–has been transcribed in the title and/or description. BUT it isn’t always obvious. Just as Times New Roman vs. Helvetica vs. Comic Sans fonts can look pretty different, so can various Japanese characters look different. But if you look closely, the nomination title is what is written on the vertical sign. So we can select the title and translate it to Tenrikyo Tohoro Hokyosho, then look that up to find out (according to Wikipedia) it’s a new religious movement in Japan.


Oh well…

So far a ton of noticeboards (boring but usually easy to approve), lots of streetside eateries (probably nope), shrines and sacred rocks which aren’t easy to find… anything that’s actually good is already in the system. Never mind…

Duplicates, photo additions and cafes/restaurants mostly for me.

I did get a bench though so that was a nice change.

So many photos on some of these, I’ve noticed that when receiving gifts in PoGo too. And often really, really good photos. Put some of the fuzzy and blurry wayspots around me to shame.

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Location edits have had a lot of choices for me. I’m just choosing something in the middle rather than navigate 21 different options :thinking:

I believe you :slight_smile:


I think that’s how the language is…

take for instance the town of Llanfair­pwllgwyngyll­gogery­chwyrn­drobwll­llan­tysilio­gogo­goch usually shortened to Llanfairpwllgwyngyll but in the Welsh language it literally means:

“[The] church of [St.] Mary (Llanfair) [of the] pool (pwll) of the white hazels (gwyn gyll) near to [lit. “over against”] (go ger) the fierce whirlpool (y chwyrn drobwll) [and] the church of [St.] Tysilio (Llantysilio) of the red cave (-ogo goch)”

checks intel map

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How do you cope with translation? I copy everything into Google translate but it’s kinda taking a lot of time… Is there any easier way to beat the language barrier :sweat_smile:

I’m doing it like this on mobile
It’s tedious but it works

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Chrome on Android has a translate button that will continue translating the text until I exit.

Firefox on mobile with I think one of the Wayfarer tools has a translate button. I have to choose it every time and it opens in a new tab.


Thats much easier.