Unhappy rhis got rejected

Just putting this one here for a moan tbh, i think rhis is one of the coolest things ive found (and ive found some reallt cool things)

The 2 pictures are made up of loads of little pictures, those alone would be cool enough. I think im just annoyed that someone said they were temporary or that werent distinct enough


I did go onto Google Maps, and did find it at the end of Townhead Square, around 55.937284911527314, -4.154632130542603. The latest Street View of April 2023 does show it at the back of the square, near the access to Sainsbury’s via the square. Therefore, it isn’t temporary or seasonal, since you nominated it almost a year after Street View as updated. I will say the stand for the rainbow art piece makes it look temporary, but the 2 others do look like they have been permanently installed.

I’d maybe take a better supporting photo, one that shows more of the square instead of Sainsbury’s, especially a part that can be seen on Street View. Since the art is at the southwest end of the square, a supporting photo looking towards the north end businesses in the square, or to the northeast of it, would be most helpful.

However, the title needs improvement, as it’s too lengthy, too descriptive. Something simpler, such as Townhead Square Art, would make the nomination more appealing. The description is where you’ll want to describe the art pieces.


The supporting info really doesn’t tell anything

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The title is too wordy, and I have some suspicion that the rainbow isn’t permanent given the wooden stand and there’s no pandemic any more (cough cough).

Those pictures look really interesting, there’s probably a description about them somewhere online which you could use as a citation in the supporting text. Instead of submitting them as a group with the perhaps-not-permanent rainbow, you could submit the pictures individually. You’d almost definitely only get one in PoGo or Ingress, so you could submit the one you liked most first and then mention in the text that it’s part of a pair, add the second one later (it will appear in some Niantic games probably).

I’m a fan of public artworks. Better supporting would definitely help, looking what you have provided I had no idea that this was in a public square. If there are articles that describe this project, include links to those, explain what it is and which criteria it fits etc, make it as easy on reviewers as possible.

They all do look permanent to me but with that rejection, make sure you explain how long they have been there, again a dated article or similar can help prove this. Great idea from @DTrain2002 to mention that they have appeared on streetview for at least a year.

As others have said, the title is a bit clunky, I’m not one that cares about length as long as it is accurate and I know what it is. Do the works have an official name? I’d also recommend ensuring correct spelling and capitalisation, this often puts people off.

I’d definitely recommend doing some reviews if you haven’t, so you can see how the system works and what reviewers will see. It really helps to get some insight when you come across a variety of submissions of varying quality and can pick up better ways of doing your own.

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Why would you be suspicious something 4 years old isnt permanent? The rainbows appeared in 2020, so its lasted plenty long enough to not be “seasonal” or temporary!

If you dont get much luck with the wide angle submission, you could try focussing on a shot that mostly showcases your favourite and then take new pictures to add when accepted?

They’re really cool by the way! I’d have happily voted for them.

Good suggestion, I have done this for in couple of situations where there are grouped artworks. I gave them a collective name and picked my favourite as the photo to submit. I then went and added the others as additional images later. People can even upvote their favourite in games if they wish.


I love that idea!

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If you can’t find official titles/descriptions, the scenic ones are “photocollages”, which is a much shorter way to title them :wink:

Can’t help but laugh every time I see someone giving really basic advice, in good faith, to experienced Wayfarer/forum users now we don’t have any long-term metrics from which to guage user experience :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile:


I probably do this tbh. I am not familiar with who used the forum before. I didn’t give advice on this one because they said they just wanted to moan.


Oh, don’t get me wrong, it can be impossible to tell if you don’t recognise a username, and I have noticed that it appears many who weren’t active for a while have reemerged and some seem to be using different usernames too. I’m sure it adds insult to injury in situations like this, though, no matter how understandable it is lol :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I came back when people started getting threatened with bans for submitting trail markers. Realised the forum was being deleted around the same time. I know some names, but not everyone. Sorry if my comments are not at the right level.

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We are all muddling through on the new forum ……will get there. :sunglasses:

Ooo just had a thought maybe I should add a few key metric from the old forum to the profile text here ……I like that you can write a profile.

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We have forum member levels on here, is it possible to display those as an icon next to our names like the ambassadors get? It wouldn’t be a definite indicator of experience but would help to see who is more active on here at least and how knowledgeable they are likely to be.

@gazzas89 come on you can do a better title ….i know you can.:+1:

It is a little confused. I would focus on one picture so it fills the screen then the reviewer will easily see how it’s made up.


I’d love to submit something like this! It’s quite interesting, really, and something that could be examined and enjoyed for hours. I do like to submit stuff that allows me to use some of my largely-dormant vocabulary, so I’d definitely jump at the chance to submit a triptych of photomosaics. :slight_smile:

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