Upgrades-Are they really?

To start, I may be understanding upgrades wrong, so someone please correct me if I understand it wrong, when you choose to upgrade a submission, it moves directly to voting and is voted on by a larger audience (not just people that are local or have their bonus location set to your area), thus allowing the voting to go faster as it can get to the minimum number of votes quicker. And if that’s the case then I feel there is a bug in the system when I have upgraded a couple of nominations and they still show in queue a week later. Please advise what’s going on.

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@NianticAaron said upgrades are working as intended here: Upgraded submissions seem stuck - #9 by NianticAaron

but i am seeing many people report that their upgrades are not working as they usually do.

Yeah it is unusual for them no to move directly into voting after upgrading them. And other submissions jumping them doesn’t seem that they are upgraded.

First off, when a submission is upgraded, it DOES NOT go directly into voting; it may stay be in queue for it’s status until someone does vote on it.

What happens is that it’s moved to a queue that opens the voting up to a larger area and more reviewers, and that may help get it a resolution quicker, especially if you’re in an area with few reviewers, like I am. Here’s the info on upgrading from the help center:

Upgrades allow you to fast-track Wayspots you’ve nominated by having them reviewed by a larger number of reviewers meaning the nomination will reach a decision faster than it would if not Upgraded.

With the ML approving many new submissions and edits, I do tend to wait a little longer before upgrading. I now will only upgrade after a submission when the status changes from in queue to in voting, because then I know the community is voting on it.

If you do feel as though it’s been taking longer for upgraded submissions to be decided on, it may be best to provide some examples. If you can provide some screenshots of undecided upgraded submissions, that helps.


I really think so many things could be done better and upgrades are no exception.

Upgrades should have a lower bar to become accepted as opposed to more people voting for it. People generally save their upgrades for their sure fire nominations.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the upgraded queue is clogged. With the event and upgrades as rewards, many people would have used it thereby reducing it efficiency.


I think you’re definitely right about that. I’ve had seven different things move to in voting or get accepted before my most recent upgraded nomination.

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Adding to this thread:

I also agree that the upgrade queue may be clogged, due to the challenge reward upgrades, as well as the many that were received during the challenge.

And as a US reviewer, I’ve been getting almost all Wayspot submissions to review, and very few edits and photo submissions. This also makes me think the upgrade queue could be backed up a bit again.