Wayfare contributions not updating

I added a few pokestops to a small village, but on niantic wayfare the total contributions are not adding up.

Monday 24 june
Samsung, S21, current latest version
Pokemon go, naintic wayfare, latest version

Are you saying these were nominations you did that were recently accepted?

If so, and it has been more than 48 hours your accepted Wayspots are in the Lightship database. But they didn’t meet the density rules of Pokémon Go.

All Niantic games (Ingress, Pokémon Go, Pikman Bloom, Peridot, and MHNow) use wayspots accepted into the Lightship database. But each game uses different proximity or density rules to populate their unique game boards.

It is disappointing when they don’t end up in your preferred games but there isn’t much you can do assuming these are accurately placed.

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Thank you

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