Wayfarer Challenge Reward Update

Hi, I did over 700 reviews and haven’t received any email with the reward codes yet.
Ign: kushkush11

Hello Explorers,

I have responded to you all through DM. Please review my message for more details.

Hello, is there any record that one can have access to the number of evaluations carried out? I didn’t get an OPR LIVE medal at any of the events. And I’ve done a lot of reviews. Obrigado

I have shared this information through a DM.

@NianticAaron infelizmente não recebi!!! Por isso que fiz a abordagem. Bom agradeço imensamente a sua atenção. E desculpa mais uma vez pelos incomodos

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I have sent you a direct message on the community forum. Please check your inbox.

I have not received any reward code emails.


I haven’t received the OPR medal. I received the reward email.

I would appreciate it if you could improve it. The account name is telikiponn. Is there anything else I should tell you?
I’m sorry, but thank you.

Still nothing for me. I’ve got both Pokemon Go and Ingress accounts, and got nothing on any of them. No e-mail in spam. I qualified for the community tier.

Please check my DM for details.

Seriously though, some of us have anxiety and really don’t need the wait. I know we’ve been assured everything is fine, but at present I can’t rightly say I’d do the next challenge.

Happy to report I finally got the tick.

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I have not received my OPR Live badge. I did over 500 reviews during challenge.

We have added the OPR Live Badge ticks. Please let us know if there are any discrepancies. Thanks,

I also didn’t receive any rewards code even though I looked through every email.

Please check your DM.

More than fifty review, I received the gifts but not the medal OPR LIVE is that normal ?

OPR Live is 500+

I am missing my OPR Live badge tick despite earning tier 3 individual rewards.

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I also didn’t receive any rewards email. As I searched in the past weeks.