Wayspot Check Request

Hello Admin & Support

please move topic if not in correct category.

please check appearance of Wayspot “Großes Schwalbenhotel” at/around
49.97232 8.57128 (Mörfelden-Walldorf)
i would appreciate if you can tell me if there is another POI causing wayspot not showing up in PoGO

thank you very much & best regards


Not admin/not support.

Wayspot “Großes Schwalbenhotel” was not at your shared coordinates. Instead, it is located at 49.972203, 8.571213 which does appear to be blocked for PoGO inclusion.

thank you @Gendgi

yes, this position is blocked by another POI. Very strange because i remember to choose a slight different location (next to boarder, free cell).
Maybe now for admin, support. Any chance to have the nomination spot checked and maybe moved?

Thank you

You can request a location edit in the wayfarer support chat by logging into your wayfarer account, going to the help page, and tapping the speech bubble icon in the corner.

This nomination does appear to have been incorrectly placed. The correct coordinates should be 49.972146,8.571214

You may also wish to suggest an edit for “Nisthilfen - Informationstafel”, as that should be at 49.972165,8.571016

I hoped you wouldn’t say that. Placing it in a different cell appears to be incorrect based on available Satellite view. It appears to have been correctly moved.

This would be (again based on available Satellite view) moving away from the real world location in an attempt to abuse the gameboard. Niantic staff will not help you unless there is other supporting evidence available, but this does not seem to be the case, here.

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Did you notice it seemed different between IITC and actual database? Might need to recheck, later.

Or else I’m way off and need more sleep before work. Definitely the later, to be sure.

Here, you can clearly see both objects (they’re on street view as well) and neither wayspot is actually on those objects. I have no idea how this looks with cells as I’ve not checked that, I was just interested in what the correct locations were.

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