Wayspot on private property(35.756803, 139.720826)

This WAYSPOT (未来へ向かって: 35.756803, 139.720826) is on private university property and is a restricted area and cannot be approached by anyone other than concerned parties.
How can I apply for a revocation in such a case?


You will want to report the Wayspot for removal. More information can be found here:

Those coordinates appear to be on a university campus. That is a valid location for a wayspot if that is the case. Restricted access locations are allowable, so long as the people who have access to them can do so safely on foot, which it looks like they can in this instance.

Thanks for the reply.
I understood that even if it is off-limits to all parties, permission is granted if someone has access to it.

The type of private property that is explicitly a rejection criterion is single-family private residential property.

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Do your research on that university. It may have an affiliated kindergarten, middle school, and high school on the same property. I can only do research on the Internet, so I cannot make a determination. If my presumption is correct, then all Wayspot on the property should be removed.

Hello, the object is located on general university and I don’t think it needs to be removed.
The link will take you to a map of the university campus.


Your statement is not correct, as it is making a lot of assumptions.

If there were any under 18 sites of education within a campus setting then those buildings would not be eligible but other parts of the campus would be fine.
It would not lead to the whole campus being ineligible.


Sorry. I found that there are a junior high school and a high school inside the university. These are close to the statue. There is also a kindergarten inside the university. How do you judge this?


If the buildings are distinct so that the under 18s enter and are separate then I don’t see a problem. Those buildings would not be eligible. If the area where the statue is could be considered open space where people of all ages woukd walk past ….just as they would outside the campus I wouldn’t see it being a problem.
If there is a nursery in a small part of a bigger building I would expect it to be distinct. I would weigh up carefully that situation as layout numbers etc may all play a part. I don’t think you can give one ruling as a lot depends on the exact situation.


I was able to update my idea of criteria. Thank you.
Even in this case, other than the middle school and high school buildings, these places are freely accessible to undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff alike. So we can think of it in the same way as a gated community.

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Thanks for the appeal @taltutaka We took another look at the Wayspot in question and decided that it does not meet our criteria for removal at this time.

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