Wayspots are wrong but appeal declined

Multiple attempts to fix wrong way spots declined. There are (3) wayspots in this park labeled:
(1) “Island Trail Marker”
(2) “Bishopswood Swingset”
(3) “Argyle Park Rules”

Items (1) & (2) are incorrect. They should read:
(1) “Bishopswood Swingset”
(2) “Bishopwood Bench”
(3) “Argyle Park Rules”

The trail marker photo used on the wayspot “1” is an invalid photo. There are no signs like that, or trails, anywhere in the park. That location is the actual swing set.

Wayspot “2” has no swing set at all. Only thing there is a bench. I’ve been in this neighborhood for 16 years and nothing has changed. Regardless of the eligibility of a bench as a wayspot, that’s what’s physically there.

Why are the corrections being rejected?

You’re trying to make several changes at once, and transforming wayspots into something else can be difficult and counterintuitive. A more logical approach is:

1 Report the non-existing “trail marker” and have it deleted.

2 Move the “swings” wayspot to the correct location. Since this distance is more than 10 meters, this can be done with the assistance of “help chat.” They will likely need a geo-tagged photo as proof. This is easy.

3 Submit the bench as a new wayspot. This might be a lost cause, as a “bench” is not guaranteed to be accepted.

If there are other wayspots in the pokemon cells, the results of this edit might be different.

I agree with your logic… but a few months ago I tried fixing the swingset wayspot location. On Pokémon Go, only two of the three wayspots showed up. On ingress prime, the three spots showed up, and the swingset photo was used for two of the three.

It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that the “island trail” marker showed up on Pokémon go as well, as a gym from nothing.

When I tried correcting the location of the swingset before, my assumption is that ingress players saw the way spot already occupied, and it looked to them like I was trying to move a swingset into a swingset. I’m not high enough level on ingress to make suggestions.

In my appeal I added notes explaining what’s out there in reality.

I still don’t get the logic / disconnect of people presumably miles away saying something is not wrong when there’s plenty of obtainable proof available. Makes me question the value of any submission as a way spot meeting certain criteria if the facts are ignored.

Similar thing happened when a mural was completely redone but the photo would not get updated… but that’s a separate issue.

Geotagged photo submissions not accepted…

1 - “island trail marker”
2 - swingset
3 - park rules
4 - “bishopwood park” with both swingset and bench on the photo

Sorry I don’t understand number 4. However, using that photo, that bench was removed after a storm a few years ago, a bunch of large trees were knocked over. There’s also nothing resembling the island trail marker photo… concrete path, type of ground cover, or sign itself. There’s nothing concrete anywhere jn that park, that’s visible on any of the satellite views.

Your numbers are what they wayspots are labeled yes, but that’s not what’s there.

1 is the swing set

2 is a bench (different one from the one that was shown by the swing)

3 is good, that can easily be verified with street view.

If I’m missing your point I apologize. I can make video proof easily enough, but I can’t post that here I don’t believe.

mod note: edited, OP informed

I had tried the location edit before that island trail spot was added. I have no proof that it wasn’t a wayspot in Pokémon go but it was on ingress prime.

From what I can see from @holdthebeer 's posts, number 1 should be reported as invalid for not existing, and number 2 should be reported as a duplicate of number 4. Both should be removed.

Number 3 represents the park as a whole, whilst number 4 represents the playground as a whole. Number 4 then needs a location edit to move it to where number 1 currently is.


I agree with @hankwolfman 's comments on what to do with the wayspots. Just to comment quickly on two technical things, however: whether your photo is geotagged or not doesn’t matter for a wayspot photo submission as this metadata gets stripped during upload, and the sign cannot be changed to a swing whether geotagged or not.
And second, if you want to upload a video from the area as you said above, an option is to use an unlisted YouTube video or a link to a file sharing system, but I don’t think you need one considering the feedback that has been given above.

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What’s the process for those suggestions? Per my last post, back in August of 23, Referring to @holdthebeer post for clarity, before number 1 existed in Go, my location edit from number 2 to number 1 was denied. At the time only 2 and 3 showed in game.

Number 4 does not exist in game as far as I can tell. Not sure how I would reference that at all. Number 4 physically is a patch of grass with no features anyway, it’s just a random marker on maps to represent the park.

Not sure what the question mark spot is either. Do you all have some sort of admin level view with more information?

It can be just as difficult removing waypoints, I don’t see how this is the best option