Why is my wayspot in Pokemon Go not showing it approved

Hi my wayspot has been approved and said it will show in 48hr it been 72hrs now.

Why is that ?

Please read this topic:

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It’s live in Ingress but it’s not in Pokemon Go. Unfortunately not everything approved shows up in every game.

It’s in the same Level 17 S2 Cell as both “Ext 22 Play Parking” and “Extension 22 play rocket ship”, both of which seem to be nominations for the same individual piece of equipment. Each Level 17 S2 Cell can only contain one Pokéstop or Gym.

Additionally, there should be one wayspot for the playground as a whole, rather than nominating individual pieces of equipment. So in a sense your swings should have been marked as a duplicate as well. I wonder if this is something @NianticAaron could fix? I would assume that “Ext 22 Play Parking” would be the wayspot that was meant to represent the entire park, though it should probably be called “Extension 22 Play Park” instead. The other two wayspots could then be removed as duplicates of this. The area is -26.497449, 29.194946 if you’re willing to look at and/or fix it, @NianticAaron

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