Weird rejection

So, i appealed a set of football pitches that were rejected for submitter identifiable. It was my shadow, if someone can identify anyone from a shadow, they are in the wrong job.

I then recieved this email today, sayi g the commjnity had rejected it

Wait what? It was an appeal. So i go look at the submission and its even wierder

Its now being marked as duplicate? So i go look ag the wayfarer app map, its defp jot there, so i have no idea why this appeal went to community, and even worse, why its marked as duplicate when theres no football picthes even close to it

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Heres the appeal email lol

It is quite possible to have a wayspot be both a duplicate AND not in any game. I have one in that state nearby.

Wayspots are accepted into the wayspot database. Then then various games have rules about which wayspots in the database can make it into the games (mostly focusing on how crowded they can get).

It is in fact already in the database. The POI is a photo of the Brookfield Park sign. It might not appear in Pogo because it looks to be in the same level 17 S2 cell as the BMX track.

That’s so weird for the rejection reason to change! If it had said duplicate then you wouldn’t have wasted an appeal on it

Thats the park entrance sign, im submitting the football pitches on their own.

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Im looking at the wayfarer app map, it shows all pois, including ones not in any game

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If the sign is for the fort all pitches, you can’t also nominate the actual pitches. I am guessing Inhave the right place, but this is the pic for the way spot.

Maybe I looking at the wrong place???

Yeah thats not the same place lol. That looks american, my place is in britain

Google seems to think its the same place, in Montrose, near Aberdeen?

Regardless I don’t think the junior football club and presumably public football pitches are duplicates of one another anyway, nor is the park entrance a duplicate of either of thr others.

It’s in Montrose, near Aberdeen. Definitely not American.

Ive only been through Montrose on the train going up to Aberdeen. So my experience of the waypoints there are only the ones by the trainline along the coast, and at stations :laughing:

So where is this Brookfield Park?

Never mind, I found it. I still think the park sign is what is being judged as duplicate since there is really nothing at the park by open space and three sets of goal posts.

In the U.K. we tend to consider a group of pitches as a whole, in the US every single pitch is separately nominated.

I would say if there is one nomination that says it’s for all the football pitches then nominating individual ones after probably won’t work.

If there is one nomination for the whole recreation ground then you might get individual pitches.

The pitches, or more specifically the goals, are on google maps, you justbjeed to zoom in a bit to see them.

To be clear. Im complainjng about how rhis whole thing has gone down

I appealed something

My rejection email sys community, not an appeal

Its marked as duplicate when the pitches themselves are not in the game (this is a park, not a football ground)

Is it worth me tagging a niantic ataff memeber just tk see what went wrong?

I can tell you what likely went wrong.

The community deemed the park as a whole the same as the football pitch because they felt based on satellite the football pitch was the only thing in the park, this they were one and the same.

I don’t think it’s worth tagging Niantic at this point, you’ve submitted an appeal. I suggest waiting for the appeal to resolve, and then if that gets rejected you can make your case on the forum in the appropriate channel.

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Tht is the appeal. I hadnt resubmitted this or anyhing, i had submitted the appeal (itd no loger in appel or niantic voting). The email sent to me is rejected by ckmminty when it shouldnt be, and when checking all nearby whpoints to see if they have the picture (a thats what happens when its selected as dupe) none have it from what i can tell

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Your only real option then is to resubmit. I recommend using some of the comments in this thread to improve the submission. It may be you’ll be luckier.