Where my pokestop

Hello i made a couple a months ago
Knooppunt cycling route 41 11
at the intersection of geschieresweg prelaatweg in aagtekerke Zeeland but after a very long time it is still not in pokemon go how is this possible why has it still not appeared can anyone help me with this

As your email states, not all nominations are eligible to appear in all Niantic games. Each game has a proximity rule that determines which wayspots are able to be used in that game. Pokémon Go uses Level 17 S2 Cells with a limit of one Pokéstop or one Gym per Level 17 S2 Cell. You can read more about that here.

The intersection where your nomination is has multiple wayspots. Only one of them is able to appear in Pok√©mon Go though as they all share a Level 17 S2 Cell. So if you can see either ‚Äúfietsknooppunt systeem‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúknooppunt 12 cycling route‚ÄĚ in Pok√©mon Go, then whichever of those appears will be blocking both the other one and your nomination from being able to be added to Pok√©mon Go. It may be able to appear in other games though.

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