Why hasn't a source of drinking water been accepted for me?

While many users put fake pokestops next to their house, I put a pokestop for a drinking fountain (which in principle should be allowed) and they deny it and not just a fountain, graffiti, monuments, etc., etc., it seems to me that this community it’s broken

If you share your entire submission, it would be easier for people to comment. However, drinking fountains are typically not eligible. Eligible points of interest need to be great places to exercise, to explore, or to socialize. While decorative fountains Can qualify as a place to explore, depending on where they are and what they like, But a drinking fountain wouldn’t typically meet any of those three criteria.


When people talk about fountains they mean decorative fountains, and a drinking fountain would generally not be eligible. Similarly, murals are allowed but graffiti typically isn’t.

Monuments are more nuanced. A plaque for something like “The first transcontinental railroad terminal in (location)” would be excellent. A plaque that read “For Fido, who liked to play in the park” typically wouldn’t be, but if it was accompanied by a sculpture or mural of Fido then it’s an easy acceptance.


While I agree with others I also completely agree with you, the community is pretty broken, they accept random uninteresting places (like you said, even pokestops next to people’s houses…) and reject others that could probably be more interesting or at least better suited to be a pokestop but well…

Im moving this to Nomination Support .