Why won't my nominations get accepted I have had 3 out of 4 rejected already

Please provide:

  • A screenshot of your nomination, including rejection reasons if it has already been rejected
  • Include the title, description, both photos, and supplemental information
  • Copy and paste the title, description and supplemental so others can translate them
  • If you feel comfortable please share the location, as it is helpful (i.e. hidden duplicates), but you can mask it if you wish.

I agree with the appeal reviewers here, that apartment signs are very common. I do know that a lot of them are live in game, but you need to go by criteria, not what you see in game. We need to see the full submission for High Point East Court Yard, but I am guessing that it just looks like some landscaping, not a great place to be social, exercise, or explore.

This may or may not be accepted. You can’t edit it now since it is in voting, but in the future, do not mention pokemon go in the supporting. I know the prompt says to say why this would be an important pokestop, but you are actually submitting a Wayspot. Your supporting should tell how this meets criteria as a great place to be social, exercise, or explore.

Whether or not an accepted Wayspot will show in Pokemon Go depends on being alone in an L17 S2 cell. Here is an article explaining that: https://pokemongohub.net/post/article/comprehensive-guide-s2-cells-pokemon-go/

I meant for you to share the nomination that had been rejected previously: High Point East Court Yard. But it looks like you have submitted it again with a focus on the picnic table, which is what I would have suggested you do.


Hello @LostInKansas00
I think the picnic area stands a good chance as a picnic area can meet eligibility criteria.
If it doesn’t pass - for future reference I would title it as a Picnic area rather than just a table. A personal preference is to put the place first so the focus is on what it is rather than where
Picnic Area, High Point East

I hope you mentioned the BBQ as well in your description, as that emphasises the nature of the area.

And yes avoid references to a game in supplementary information. It shouldn’t matter but some don’t like it, so avoid. Do use the space to link your nomination to the criteria. Eg encourages socialisation.
It’s hard to tell from the screenshot photo (yours looks as though it’s ok) but do take care not to have number plates showing.

Do show us more about the courtyard. Is there a seating area?


The artwork of WuShock could be worth resubmitting, sometimes photo submissions get swept up by the Machine Learning and the decision might not have been correct. In terms of nominations at the complex, are there other amenities for the residents like a pool or a fitness center? If so, those could be worth trying.