Disappointing Results with Coupling of Upgraded Edits

This isn’t really a super complaint and the end result benefits Lightship database, but results in mild disappointment with a “Not Accepted” status on an edit I decided to use an earned Upgrade on.

Last year, while traveling through a relatively remote area from concentrated reviewers, I happened upon a Wayspot with a generally ineligible description that I chose to remove.

…spend time playing pokemon go…

I assume this area to not have adequate localized reviewers, I chose to use one of my Upgrades earned from hard work reviewing. The title of the Wayspot is also noticeable lower case, which is inappropriate for a proper name for a business.

Upgrades seem to affect “coupled” edits, which meant that by upgrading the Title of this Wayspot, the Description came along for the ride. Unfortunately, my Description edit was not the only one involved and somebody else got a free ride.

Admittedly, I think I prefer the other description, but it still feels disheartening. As noted before, my Upgrade was on the Title, however I do not believe that having upgraded my Description vs the Title would have had any different results.

I’m not upset about this but do want others to be ready to accept that their Upgrades may result in other people getting the acceptance. Similarly, somebody else choosing to upgrade their edit may push yours through - for good or bad.

Thanks for reading. Has anyone else had similar - or different results? Anyone feel good with text or location improved regardless of if yours was the chosen result?

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This has to be unintended behavior. I had kind of the opposite happen where my description edits got UNcoupled when Niantic took the correct option into internal review. Need to withdraw edit
I wish they had stayed coupled in that case. idk what the best practice would be.

I think I would be okay as long as the Wayspot would be corrected. But don’t like red “Not accepted” notices on my Contributions page if I can help it.

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Vanity, perhaps, but I’m 100% this way, especially when associated with an Upgrade I used (and am assuming the other person did not).

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I should have been faster to add:

I am thankful that the Contributions page shows Current Wayspot information rather than strictly original (although I do wish that was visible, too) because it at least lets me know that community reviewers selected an appropriate description rather than the ineligible “pokemon go” text.

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I hate that I double upgraded two coupled pairs (effectively wasting upgrades) upon feature release before realizing how this worked. And that one of them is still not resolved.

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Yep, i wasted an upgrade on a coupled title edit. The other person’s edit was accepted instead of mine. And it took ages for my upgraded title to move into voting status. The whole process was poorly thought out.

I suspect it’s been this way the whole time, we juat had no way to track it.

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Most definitely. I recall a lot of complaints about denied “obvious” edits that further Intel research or Lightship shows a different edit was accepted. So the “Current” information helps at least keep some faith that the Wayspot was approved, despite it not being the one we’re invested in.

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This kinda makes my head hurt. I understand how from your vantage point it seems like someone rode your coat-tails, so you did the work and paid the price and then they got the golden sash.

We don’t really know how things played out. There was a long time when edits just lay fallow. Now they are being actively targeted for review by the community, Emily, and maybe Niantic in-house voting as well.

We don’t know how many people offered edits there, how many edits they offered, when - or if - they might have upgraded them after that became an option. Should the community have no access to the other proposals on the table while judging yours? What if their edits are much older? What if they upgraded theirs, too?

How does it work? How do we want it to work? Should you get the sash, and a split-second later the other edit gets one, too?

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