False Duplicate Epidemic

A large portion of my nominations, which have met all nomination criteria immaculately, have been labeled duplicates. Even casual examination of the pictures and descriptions would prove these to be unique and new submissions. Unless reviewers are only looking at the map and seeing other pokestops nearby as an indication of duplicity, I dont know how this is such a prevalent issue. Is there something that can be done to prevent this egregious misidentification?

I’d have to ask this first: you made sure it’s not already actually a duplicate, but just not available to the game you play?
Pokémon GO has a function to display these on the location select screen if you’re nearby to the location question

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To add on to what @kawin240 has already mentioned, Niantic has a variety of games (Ingress, Pokémon Go, Pikman Bloom, Peridot, MHNow). Each of those games selects from the approved nominations that go to the Lightship database.

Each game has density/proximity rules that they use to populate their game boards. So if there is something that is in the Lightship database that doesn’t meet the games rule set it will show up as a duplicate.

Hello @Videotic
Could you please provide a couple of examples so that we could look at it to see what the situation is.
Name of wayspot and location (co-ordinates work well) is what is needed.


Here is an example that has recently been appealed and, again, mislabeled as a duplicate.

Wayspot Submission for
Uptown Chicago Music Mural


A visual celebration of influential people/artists/groups and famous concert venues in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood on the cities NE side.

4802 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60640, USA

I’ve always been on location when nominating. When the location verification screen comes up and asks for the pin to be placed at the correct location, there is never another pin at that spot on the map. Are you saying there is a feature that i can activate that would show me more pinned locations already in the system?

you should see red exclamation points where there are existing wayspots that don’t show in pokemon go with this toggle turned on.

it only works over a very short distance while right there on site.

This is indeed already a Wayspot. It does show in Ingress but it can’t in Pokemon Go because it is not alone in the L17 S2 cell.


With a dynamic link, I can see that your photo has been added to the Wayspot:


Depending on your set language, thanks to a bug in PoGO, it might not get displayed


I would recommend using IITC and the Wayfarer app to see a map of every Wayspot on the database.

I’m not sure why people are reluctant to not offer that advice since that’s what the vast majority of people use. It’s also ironic that given Niantic’s history in mapping there is so much confusion, bad communication and misdirection to it’s users for it’s map.

Anyway… You might want to use those for future submissions to avoid wasting your time and effort @Videotic

Well this post was thoroughly derailed. But it started with good intentions on how not to submit duplicates. @Videotic do you have any others you would like for us to check on to see if they are actually duplicates?

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