Provide wayfarers with a sense of pride and accomplishment: raise the bankable upgrade limit

  • Description of the issue: The maximum number of bankable upgrades is too low
  • Date first (or most recently) experienced: 21/05/2024
  • Device type, model, and operating system: My device is certainly not relevant, but iPhone on iOS 17
  • Game & Game Version (if applicable): Wayfarer, 5-13-0-c0f4587f-May-20-14-26

Whilst I agree that would be good, I think that the whole “Upgrade” system needs changing.

What’s the point of 1,000 or 2,000 Upgrades if I don’t need to use them in an area where things move quickly? Or if my area gets a challenge?

I’d prefer to be able to redeem “Upgrade Tokens” or whatever for something else. An extra Appeal, some more Nominations, maybe even some Wayfarer game gear.

This has been discussed in the forums (maybe not these ones) in the past too.


What i’ve noticed from reaching 1000 upgrades:
-Upgrade wheel stopped
-Approval/rejection/duplicate/edit agreements are not adding to my agreements, but Recon badge shows i am actually earning the agreements

What is happening to the agreements?? They are not getting added to the Wayfarer page

You broke it by reaching 1,000 upgrades.

I seem to have overlooked something, the approval/rejection/duplicate agreements DO IN FACT GET ADDED, while the upgrade wheel has stopped. Sorry for the confusion

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This is very true for many, increasingly upgrades are devalued, it would be great to have other motivators like this as has been discussed before.

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Lets do some math.

Assume that you have 80 nominations. If you immediately, all on the same day, upgrade 80 nominations, that leaves you with 920 upgrades.

Now you can only submit 2 per day. Let’s say you upgrade each of those. 2 nominated and upgraded every day.

It would take you 460 days to use all your upgrades at that pace. That’s 15 months.

Now, that math disregards the current state of Wayfarer. You may have a different exoerience, but ML has been accepting about 75% of my submissions within 24 hrs. So i don’t even have a chance to apply upgrades to them. We all know you shouldnt apply an upgrade until youre sure ML has finished processing it.

So now, it could be over 2 years to use 1,000 upgrades.

Let’s also factor in reviewing behavior. You are going to earn an upgrade as soon as you use one. So you will never deplete your stash.

So, I’m confused about what value there is to allowing us to bank so many upgrades. Upgrades were meant to fix a problem in the process. Those process problems are finally being resolved. I just don’t see the point in stocking things you’re not going to use.


My dream would be to trade these for nominations


I could definitely get behind some kind of trade situation. And if that happened, then I see that it should be necessary to remove the limit for upgrades. But at that point, maybe it’s a point system and the points can be traded for upgrades or something else. I’m not sure upgrades should be the currency.


At this point, it would be a nice idea to start something to trade upgrades for other stuff, such us some items in a game, more appeals, more nomination numbers, I don’t know. Maybe with this more people would be encouraged to review more or start reviewing.


In Ingress, you have 40 nominations every day…I don’t even

2 nominations a day is simply not enough here

Some people needs massive nominations as they nominate everything they find eligible, independently they will appear in any game or not. At this moment, for example, I have to think what I want to nominate as I don’t have enough with 80 nominations.

You don’t get 40 nominations per day.

Each game provides 1 nomination per day up to a max of 40. So if you have never nominated, or haven’t nominated in a long time, you can nominate 40 things all in the same day. But then the next day you will only have 1 nomination available to you. If you use it, you will be down to 0 and will get 1 the next day.

(Replenishment time doesn’t seem to align with the start of your specific day.)


I used to be at that level long ago…

I still have a running Google Doc for pending submissions because I know the Ingress app loves to blank out the description field when returning to it.

I still have my Google Sheets from years ago that could map my submissions…then Wayfarer Tools came out :joy:

Trust me, I’ve been looking at the map in my large metro area and feeling depressed over how much work there is still to do. Just with slam dunk nominations that would be ML approved within 24 hours, I could do 40 nominations every weekend and be busy for a couple of years. That doesn’t touch those smaller, less obvious but probably more interesting POI that take some thought to approve.

Do you mean that get processed versus staying in a queue?

Not sure I understand the question.

as long as you change focus away from the text box before switching to a different app this does not happen

This still indicates that it’s no longer possible for you to track “edit” or “other” agreements in any way and that is something the team should address. cc: @NianticTintino @NianticThibs

As it is for the rest of us, we can get a pretty good guess of this number by comparing upgrade progress to other values. Even there it would be nice to simply know the number.