The best bench in the world

Inspired by our always lovelier @AliceWonder1511 I wanted to ask if you would show me (and the rest of the world :grin:) your best wayspot bench ever.
Names have been blurred to protect the innocent.




No longer the cover photo :disappointed:


See you in jail third party texter

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Nothing captures the spirit of Wayfarer like a £1,200 plaque*

  • £300 renewal fee after 3 years.

I changed it… Back :slightly_smiling_face:

Understand :expressionless:
Keine schlafenden Hunde wecken

Oh wow. Hilarious. I love that all the basic memorial benches are in and the wildflower bench was rejected! :rofl:

Also is this supposed to be the best one you have come across or one you nominated. Blurring the names makes them seem that much more boring!

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Just some of the many I see amidst all the Postboxes :slight_smile:

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At this stage If I get many more I should be able to map every postbox in the UK and Ireland. :rofl:


Well, here are the ones i sibmitted and got approved.

This is a cool bench that i initially thought was a swing.

This is a bench with a statue of the founder of Chick-fil-A, just outside their corporate headquarters. Their campus is locked down, so when i had the chance to be there for a tour, i added as many POI as i could.

Here’s one that looks thoroughly uninspiring. A plain bench and a single picnic table. But it’s about where they are located! The bench is facing a river. The river is along the outskirts of a densely wooded forest designated as a National Recreation Area. I had never heard of such a designation until i saw this place. It’s managed by the National Parks Service. So this whole forest is about getting outside and exploring the natural world. POI like this encourage that, even though they look so utilitarian.


Chic-fil-A guy is hanging out with Virginia Woolf

I did the recent challenge. I know you’ve got millions of dead people benches too.


We do have lots of benches, but not ones i can see from my house or ones that i have submitted!

Chic-fil-A is wot we call it in Europe cuz we iz sophisticated.

Wish I had submitted this one, but when walk up the steep path I’m grateful for it


Ive had multiple benches that are better but i wasnt going to nominate them as the cell was occupied

Only took one nomination to get that memorial bench accepted aswell

One I submitted recently to replace a boring memorial bench that was removed.

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My best 2 are both failed submissions. Excellent rejection, and one that I withdrew because someone else submitted it and got it accepted before mine went into voting.



The need a little plaque that says

John Smith
Dearly missed

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At least one did become a waypoint… just not from me…

The other, well, I dont even know. Haven’t been back to that park since 2021 and have no desire to so will never know