Why was this marked Abuse and Low Quality Photo by Niantic?

Thank you for taking the time to nominate Lyons, Tigers & Woes, Oh My on May 12, 2024. Explorers like you are critical to creating a unique AR map of the world that shapes adventures for yourselves and others.

Unfortunately, our team has decided not to accept your Wayspot nomination.

Our team found it did not meet the criteria required to be accepted and has been rejected. This decision could be because of the title, description, location, photo, or a combination of criteria. For future nominations, please review our Wayspot criteria help articles to learn more about what makes a good Wayspot.

What can I do about this rejection?
If you feel like this rejection is an error, you have 2 options.

  1. If you can improve the nomination after reviewing the criteria, you can submit a new nomination in-game of the same location with the changes made.
  2. If you feel your existing nomination(s) did fit all criteria, you can appeal the decision to Niantic using the accrued appeals on your Contribution Management page. Note that nominations can only be appealed once, and appealed decisions are final.

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Wayspot Submission for Lyons, Tigers & Woes, Oh My

Detroit MI



Rejection Criteria


Low Quality Photo


Mural painted on the by artists Kevin Lyons and Woes for Murals in the Market 2017.


2127 Brewster St, Detroit, MI 48207, USA

Supplemental Information

Public artwork

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This appears to have been reviewed by the machine learning as opposed to the community reviewing it. This seems like the perfect nomination to appeal to have Niantic review it manually. It’s possible the machine learning didn’t recognize the photo as being a mural? Appealing it (or resubmitting it) might even help the ML understand where it went wrong.

You should get two appeal opportunities every 20 days which you can use. In your contribution management page, if you click on that nomination you should see a little box on the top right.


I have seen many people posting reversals of ML model accepts of graffiti that is just tags, but it does seem like they have adjusted the parameters a bit too far in this case. I would also urge you to appeal this.


Thanks for the reply. I will appeal, but unfortunately I’ve already had to use both my appeals this month due to abusive reviewing for the challenge. I usually don’t have any issues with so many rejections, but when people review for the challenges there is a much higher chance my perfectly acceptable, high-quality nominations get rejected with ridiculous reasons. I just had this happen with a new arts campus/park, only to use my appeal and have it rejected again as a duplicate (it didn’t exist when I made the nomination a week ago, but I assume someone must have made the same nomination in that time frame between mine getting rejected for no reason and the appeal) because of the challenge. (And I used an upgrade on it). It’s extremely frustrating as someone who has been doing this for years and follows the criteria.

appeals are every 20 days now.

i wonder if someone should tag @NianticAaron to be sure he sees this rejection


A lot of my nominations are street art, Detroit has a lot of it. I’ve never had an issue, is this a very recent change? I will appeal eventually, but those are ending up getting rejected too and I feel extremely frustrated that high-quality nominations like mine are now requiring appeals just to get accepted. Thank you for your reply.

Yes - i just saw the posts about corrections on approved graffiti start to pop up here in the last day or two.

Found it: here is the example I was looking for with Aaron’s comment: POI approved through appeal but not in the game

Ugh, I made so many edits on that last reply but I think I got it right finally. Going to get coffee. Please be sure to appeal this if it doesn’t get addressed on the forum.

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Great title whether you chose it or it’s the official name.

Hopefully it goes through :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It might have been tagged as abuse because nearly the exact same photo is available online. It might have been considered a 3rd party photo. Yours is slightly different, but only a tiny bit, which might confuse reviewers or AI.

They reversed the decision and said it was a mistake due to the machine learning. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait and use one of my appeals in a month. Thanks to everyone who replied and offered help.