Forum Bug: Translation fails to detect source language properly

Was just going to add this one!

This one is mainly Japanese with some English, and has the translate button, and translates without issue.

Same as the last post by that user, the translation actually cuts out part way through.

Doesn’t translate:

But the quote reply does:

There’ve been a couple others which translate partially but get cut off mid way through that I’ve skipped over. This one isn’t offering a translate button though:

No translation button here (post in Czech):

Adding this thread, and the error message received (mostly in Dutch).

Adding. Title and text from user is in German, but there’s no translate button on the post.

Similar, but with French:

Title isn’t in Spanish and there’s a good bit of Wnglish text, but also Spanish text without a translate option:

No button, one language

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Consistent 500 error, no other info shown:

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Adding. Has a title and body mostly in English, since they used the default text for the appeals forum, but most of title and part of body is in French.

Another 500, also some characters fail to render:

You’re clicking the wrong button to ‘translate’ that.