Why is it not good?

I also used difftent pictures and namr but also rejected

Nieuw geplaatse paal niet te zien op google maps, als iemand me ken uitleggen waarom het niet goed is? Bedankt

Please can you share screenshots showing the rejection reason(s) plus your actual nomination (the text with it for title, description and supplemental information).

Please can you also copy and paste the text parts into your post so that it can be translated by anyone looking at it to help?


As I see, the edition of the photo, is very bad, almost as if you were trying to hide something, the preferred format for the main images is square, at the best possible resolution. This photo is not even close, if I had seen it in a proposal I would have directly denied it.


Seems like the license plates are the issue, which is why the main photo was formatted like it was.

Best to try and get a photo without cars in it, or, if it’s better from another direction, try that.

In addition to what the others have said, your supporting info is useless.

First off, you’re actually submitting a wayspot, not a Pokéstop or Gym, so anything that mentions Pokémon Go specific things is basically irrelevant. Additionally, you may want to look up the Pokémon Go Hub Comprehensive Guide to S2 Cells, as that explains how Gyms are created (reviewers don’t choose, because Wayfarer ≠ Pokémon Go).

Instead, the supporting info should be used to help you convey to reviewers why you think your nomination meets the criteria of a great place to socialise, exercise or explore.

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These poles are placed around schools to slow down cars, to make it safer for children to cross the street. So in essence they are street signs (just looking a bit fancier) and are very very generic as most schools have these or a different variant placed around it.

Just for reference you can see how generic they are as you can buy them here: Julie straatmeubilair koopt u online bij POL Heteren


In addition and as other colleagues have indicated. There are too many criteria against this proposal in general: editing, poor quality of the photo in general, mass produced, commonly used, possibly on school grounds, etc. I would forget it, because it has everything against it.

So if i place coolerd wool around the pole its better? Like anyone go buy a pole of 1800 € its placed on school routes to show the kids where to go and where it is safes to cross the street, its also placed around shopping center other side ad busstop the also placed one. And one ad the park entrance
very very generic? Like a street latern or a real traffic sign? Or is that then very very very very very generic? There are a few in this area(3) and there are not much other options for making a wayspot nomination, so that maybe it have a change, its colourfoul , a route sign where.to cross safer the streets,a marker that wil stay for years to come, not mass produced,(mine opinion) not every street have them , not on schoolground but route to school, maybe i try it one more time whit a better picture, and i can ask or they remove the hand and place the inkfish, if it have more succes, and yes its hard to make picture whitout a car or house on it so ad one side i cut the picture to remove the license plate of the car, maybe a new picture of just top whit the red hand and sky? Instead off the hole pole, it should be made easier to add waypoints, or remove waypoints that dont excist anymore, new areas dont have history or a lot of old art,that you can nominate like in citys, they get a colourfull pole whit a hand as new street art + the fact that there are waypoints in the game from the excact same red hand pole diffrent village city even in belgium , there is one probally there are few more whit a diffrent name then red hand,

to bad you still need to be lucky to get a nomination

I would strongly advice you not to submit again. This is a generic street sign which is not eligible, spamming ineligible nominations can be considered abuse.

The octopus pole is the same thing. The fact that there are still wayspots of these street signs active somewhere does not make them eligible. Feel free to report those other poles.

You do not need to get lucky to get a nomination, there are just guidelines to follow. And street signs are just not eligible, especially if they are as mass produced as these.

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We can’t rely on what was accepted/acceptable in the past, nor should we use existing Wayspots to justify nominations which don’t fit the criteria. One of the photos you shared shows a date of 9 years ago. Much has changed in 9 years, the map curation system is completely different now. Some Wayspots have been grandfathered in, meaning they don’t fit the criteria any longer but are still on the map. This is why it’s been repeated by folks across this forum and beyond to ignore what’s already on the map and work only off of the guidelines. The other poles you’ve shared could and likely should all be removed as invalid because they don’t meet acceptance criteria.

The guidelines ask us whether the Wayspot is a good place to exercise, socialize, and/or explore. They also ask whether the spot is appropriate, safe, accurate, and distinctive. Is a mass-produced traffic pole with a school crossing sign on it a good place to do any of these things? If it is, you need to show the reviewers how. This can be done in a number of ways.

Firstly, get a really good photo of your proposed Wayspot. Ideally it should be 1:1 but that’s not necessary. Show off the object in a way that makes it easy to see and understand what you’re looking at. Cropping it as you have and only showing the back of the pole makes it seem like you’re trying to hide something.

For the surrounding/supporting photo, try from a different angle to show where the Wayspot is in relation to the world around it.

For your description, be as accurate as possible. If it’s an object that may exist in other places, tell readers about what makes this particular object special. And remember, you’re nominating a Wayspot for the Lightship map, not a PokeStop or Gym or Portal or Flower or anything else. Wayfarer is game agnostic and whether or not it could become a PokeStop is irrelevant to whether or not it fits the criteria for acceptance.

My advice is to explore your community further to find something that meets the criteria for acceptance. Please don’t just submit things that don’t meet the requirements. If you find something and you’re not sure if it’s eligible, just ask. Folks here are happy to share experience and advice with you to help you become successful!


Even if you report it they dont get removed already reported the stop 8 years ago
and its not orignaly a street sign Plus on the site you self send its says straatmeubilair and not verkeersbord or street sign, only some school routes have them to ad some colour to the street, and its not a offical traffic sign its streetfurniture and the hole point of it is

for exercise meeting climat en much more childfriendly areas en routes you can also read it on the site self www.octopusplan.info so what now? Its a streetfurniture and not a generic street sign?

A lot has changed in 8 year, especially in the handling of wayspot reports, I’d definitely suggest to try it again.

Street furniture is in the same boat as street signs, they are generic mass produced.

These structures are just not eligible, as suggested by other people in this topic, it would be good to go look for other things that can be eligible wayspots.

Nothing else all in private gardens from homes, if even the child friendly routes dont get accepted its strange you promoted bike routes where you can get a ticket of 160 euro if you hold phone while biking, not safe to walk all elictric bikes 25km per hour or faster and then kids need to walk over cycle track? Or stand middel in cycle track stil whit bike? To spin or fight a gym? Strange that get promoted tiny little signs on cycle tracks unsafe for kids and a colourfull street furniture get rejected that promote meetings safe routes walking and more
And streetfurniture like a bin a normal bench is mass production but not this expesive pole that only schools can order if the wanna spend money on it

Seems saftey is not of the issue anymore

I just try it one more time thanks for all the info its not bad to try it for a second time right?

You can certainly try again, but it would just be to hope some reviewers let it pass, even though it doesn’t appear eligible at all. Several highly experienced Wayfarers, including an ambassador, have explained why it’s not a good point of interest. I realize that we would all like for our submissions to be accepted, but you did ask for advice and explanations as to why yours wasn’t which you received. I’d recommend looking for more eligible POI’s to submit rather than waste your time and reviewers’ time and when you already know is not.
As others have said, there are many things in the database that are not eligible, or are no longer eligible, and those should not be the basis for choosing what you submit.


You are asking for support on your nomination, which has been provided to you.
You can disagree with it of course. But trying to compare trash bins and street signs is not helping to convince people to see why this nomination should be eligible.

So yes you can try a second time, but the results will very likely be the same.
Your chances are better by looking for different candidates, good luck!

Yes if you say its a mass production street sign, what it not is its a street furniture to inprove safe routes for kids, no response on cycle track safety issues .? Then i will make a new topic… unsafe cycle tracks versus poles that inprove child walking routes…

Would love to send more pois but there are not other eligbles spots then cycle tracks sign what is more commen more unsafe and a real street sign, dont wanna have mine kids play or walking on cycle.tracks, is there a diffrent ambassarsor i can contact about safety issues ? Thank you because you didt response on the safety issues

You are comparing things that are totally different. I did not respond because the comparison is not relevant for the topic. The poles you asked about in this topic are generic mass produced street attributes that is why they are ineligible. It has never been about safety for this type of nomination.

Feel free to create another topic if you need clarification on safety issues. But then provide examples please as it is hard to reply to a generic statement like that.

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Yes its mass produced street furniture you only see ad safe walking paths / routes for children going to school, its like a marker for children

Safe school environment Octopus ensures that school routes become recognizable and safer, giving children the opportunity to travel independently to and from school. The cheerful and solid design allows young road users to safely follow their route to the schoolyard. And because of the recognizable yellow-pink, red-purple color, other road users see that they are approaching a school area and are therefore encouraged to adjust their driving behavior.

So it fit under walking paths/routes. Its much more colourfull safer then a cycle route sign where all cyclists bike that is also a super mass produced sign and unsafer of most people and kids drive electric bikes + you can fet a fine for holding phone on a bike so in mine opinion its very off that all cycle route sign get accepted even if there is no walking path, but route markers like the pole whit red hand for children on walking routes get denied,
Of mass production? The black bright yellow one are mass production that you see ad every road crossing this one you see only on walking routes for kids, i can send the website

But it is what it is, i go try one more time whit better pictures and information.
Other way endless discussion.
Thanks for all the persons that replayed and have a wonderfull day!

Hi @Panjadraakj
Regulary this community offers, that you could give them your play location and they assist you by finding candidates.
Maybe you start a new topic at “nomination support” and someone could help to find better ones?